A Big Girl Bedroom

Esther and William started life in the same womb

They had to be separated at birth

For medical care in two incubators

The day they were reunited in a hospital twin cot

Is a day I will never forget


When we finally brought them home they shared a cot

Until it was time to have individual cots

Though still side by side

grow into your dreams

At the age of almost 3

They moved from cots to beds

Beautiful cabin beds

Built with love by Daddy


4 years later

And they are sleeping apart

As for her 7th birthday

Esther wanted a bedroom of her own

Together we planned the room

Talked about how she might like it to be

Then with the help of Happy Beds

We set to work

Centred around the stunning Kimbo Cabin Bed

We created a room

That made Esther’s dreams come true

A pink pony, unicorn, fairy bedroom

With just a hint of ballerina


Let me show you round

Beginning with Esther’s new bed

2017-07-24 08.46.25

The Kimbo Midsleeper is a versatile and practical cabin bed

It comes in a range of colours

Esther chose bright white with a soft pink touch

To go with her bright pink walls and soft grey carpet

The Kimbo Midsleeper Bed gives Esther lots of storage

With a large 3 drawer chest of drawers that easily glides in and out on metal runners

Next to the chest is a full size pull-out study desk that can easily be stored under the bed

Or pulled out with fabulous silver handles and feet

This is a very pretty bed and it is clear to see that it is very well made

A bookcase and shelf unit is beautifully slotted in at the foot end of the bed

The units are all free standing and can be manouvered easily

Esther loves pulling her desk in and out

Her and Bea love to make dens in the space below the bed

The Kimbo gives flexibility and I am excited to see how Esther will choose

To change and arrange her room as she grows

The bed has an extra wide ladder with flat steps for comfort when climbing up and down

This means that it is safe for Bea to play in Esther’s room

And for Esther to climb out in the dark at night if she needs the loo

The bed frame comes flat packed for ease of delivery and storage

David found it easy to put together and all in all it took around 5 hours to do so

All the work was well worth it to see Esther’s face on the morning that she turned 7

She loves her new bedroom and her Happy Bed

2017-07-24 08.46.03

The main theme of the room is pink unicorns

The bedding that we chose is from Next

And I fell in love with it because the unicorns on the fabric

Are made with stars

Purple stars on pink fabric

A nod to Matilda Mae

The bedding is really lovely

We also bought a coordinating cushion

Curtains with a blackout lining

And a canvas print for the wall

I love the unicorns

I would happily have them in my room

Though I am not sure that David would agree

2017-07-24 08.47.19

Along with the curtains in the window

David also fitted a white blackout blind

Our children sleep best when their rooms are dark!

We chose a pretty curtain rail with crystals at the ends

They look like jewels that a fairy princess might have in her room

They sparkle

They add a hint of magic

As does the fairy door that we added to the room

Bought from The Fairy Nice Trading Company

I bought a door with bunting

A summer accessory set

2017-07-24 10.44.07

And personalised the letter and birthday card

That came with the door

David built a special house shaped shelf

To keep all the fairies belongings safe

2017-07-24 08.48.19

Esther loves to write to the fairies

And loves it when they write back

She also loves to play with the little accessories

These just add a little extra sparkle to all the magic and fairy fun

2017-07-24 08.48.11-2

On the same wall as the fairy door

Is Esther’s ballet barre

Which is actually a balustrade pole

And some pretty full length mirrors that were a bargain in the Ikea sale

Here Esther can practise her ballet

She also has her keyboard here

So that she can practise her piano

And play with music

Esther is always singing, making music and putting on shows

I wanted her bedroom to reflect that

2017-07-24 08.48.22-1

Next to her keyboard Esther has an amazing musical toy

For exploring the orchestra

Symphony in B

Next to this is her beautiful pink star wardrobe

That houses her many princess dresses and dancing costumes

2017-07-24 08.47.12

Next to the wardrobe

Is Esther’s desk

Which is a freestanding part of the Kimbo bed from Happy Beds

It has one drawer and two shelves

Esther keeps art tools in the drawer

On the shelves she keeps toys and trinkets

Her treasures and special things

Underneath her desk sleeps a unicorn

A dressing up costume that doubles as a cuddly toy

Hanging above the mirrors are unicorn and rainbow fairy lights

And also in that area Esther has a set of ‘Unicorns Are Real’ suitcases

From The Works

2017-07-24 10.25.12 HDR

Esther spends a lot of time at her desk

Reading, writing, colouring, drawing

And putting on puppet shows too

2017-07-24 12.14.19-2

The drawers under Esther’s bed

Are where she keeps most of her clothes

Though I think we might start hanging her dresses on a rail

2017-07-24 08.47.52

The ballet barre extends beyond the mirrors

So this could be a good place to hang dresses

Above the barre and the mirrors

Esther has some lovely unicorn and rainbow bunting

Up on Esther’s bed

She keeps her Disney princess dolls

2017-07-24 08.53.27

And her Worry Monster

A cuddly friend that takes her worries and bad dreams away

At the end of the bed

There are some shelves

That Esther has filled with her favourite books

Rainbow Fairy and My Little Pony Early Readers

Colouring books

Art and craft kits

Beside the shelves

We hung a pink canopy

That floats gently down

Over a super sized, super soft cuddly unicorn

That is great to snuggle up to with a book

Esther loves her reading corner

And we all love it too

2017-07-24 08.47.32

We all love the whole room

There are still some finishing touches to be added

Some trinkets to place

And the walls still feel very bare

I would like to put some shelves on the wall

Some inspirational quotes and motivational sayings

2017-07-24 10.48.06-2

I am looking forward to helping Esther make the room her own

I think we have given her a good starting point

A place to hope and dream

2017-07-24 10.45.22-2

A safe haven of her own

A pink pony, unicorn, fairy bedroom

With just a hint of ballerina

And a Happy Bed

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2 thoughts on “A Big Girl Bedroom

  1. Wow, what an incredible bedroom, what a lucky girl. You have worked so hard to make it perfect for her, it’s wonderful. That bed is just fabulous, my two would be beside themselves at something like that.

  2. I watched your YouTube video about Esther’s new room and I showed it to my youngest and she was amazed….It is the bedroom of her dreams. hehehe Your girl is so lucky. I love the fairy shelf and my girl is now asking for one of her own. Eek x

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