Toy Fun Friday with Milly and Flynn: Dear Zoo

Today Milly and Flynn are launching a new campaign

A social media hashtag to capture the joy of playing

To share ideas for toys and games

Aimed mostly at preschool age children


Sounds like perfect for us to be part of

And we are proud as punch to be joining with Milly and Flynn

On their launch day

Sharing with you a Dear Zoo themed skittles set

And a few ideas of ways to play

2017-04-05 14.03.41

The set contains all the eight Dear Zoo animals for a fun skittles game

These shaped stand up pieces are perfect for knocking down with the wooden balls

This charming toy includes a pull along wooden animal storage crate for extra play value

We have only played a skittles game with this set once

We have used the pull along crate lots

And Bea loves acting out stories with the characters

2017-04-05 17.22.25

Esther and William enjoy retelling the story

Sequencing the animals in different orders to change the story up a bit

But by far the most fun we have with this toy

Is using the pieces for a treasure hunt

Sometimes around the house

But most often in the garden

2017-04-05 13.57.32 HDR

The children love to take it in turns to hide the animals

For the others to find

2017-04-05 14.03.15-2

Sometimes they make

A scavenger hunt sheet

And sometimes a booklet that needs to be stamped

2017-04-05 14.05.46-1

Inspired by the Dear Zoo Trail we visited

At ZSL London Zoo earlier this year

With Milly and Flynn

2017-04-05 13.52.55

2017-04-05 13.54.25

2017-04-05 13.54.33

Treasure hunts

Are a great way for children to play

A hunt gets them outside

It gets them active

It gets them thinking

2017-04-05 13.59.28-1

They have to choose where to hide things

Think where others might have hidden them

Give and formulate clues

Work together

Work against each other

2017-04-05 14.04.00 HDR

Treasure hunts

Scavenger hunts

Any form of hiding


These are great ways to play

2017-04-05 17.24.35

Add in a little storytelling

And the hours will soon while a way

With shiny happy children

Hard at play

2017-04-05 13.58.58

2017-04-05 13.32.30-1

We were sent a Dear Zoo Skittle Set for the purpose of this review

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