Baby Play: Meerkat Discovery Bottle

baby play

This week our sensory bottle is a simple one

A natural rice shaker

But to add an element of challenge

For Bea

Our preschooler

I have hidden five meerkats inside

For her to find

2017-09-04 11.15.03

Esther has enjoyed hunting for meerkats too

So this is our safari surprise

And I think I might change the animals

From time to time

These meerkats are Toob Miniatures

And there are lots to choose from

2017-09-04 11.17.39

All you need to make your own Meerkat Bottle

Or Safari Sensory Surprise

Is miniature animals

2017-09-04 11.17.23

Dried rice

And a bottle or jar that can be sealed

2017-09-04 11.14.08

Then you are ready to roll

Ready to shake

Ready to play!

2017-09-04 11.15.44


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