Happy 70th Birthday Goodnight Moon

In the great green room …

These words are recognised by all our children

In Daddy’s rich deep voice

These words dry tears

Stop sobbing and screaming

Soothe our babies

Often to sleep

These words

Known off by heart

Are part of our family routine

Part of the make up of our memories

Part of our story

Goodnight Moon

Read at bedtime

Recited on long car journeys

While pacing rooms

When fractious babies

Would not

Could not sleep

This is a book

Like a warm hug

It makes us feel calm



This is a story that is magical

A story that is so much more than the words that you read

The pictures that you see

This is our story

And the story of so many families like ours

This is a story to read over and over

Again and again

This is just one more story mummy

This one is again, again

This is Goodnight Moon


Goodnight Moon

A bedtime story that has stood the test of time

And this year

Celebrates 70 years in publication

This classic picture book

From Macmillan Children’s Books

That has been read to many millions of children

Recited by multi millions of parents

The story of a room

A great green room

With a telephone

And a red balloon

And a picture

Of a cow jumping over the moon


A story that is a lullaby

A treasure hunt

A kiss and a cuddle goodnight

2017-09-19 16.38.35

Esther, William and Bea all adore this story

They love searching the pages for the little white mouse

They love finding the objects named in the story

To make the story even more of an adventure

We created a storytelling tray

With items from the story

That can be held and played with

Bea likes to kiss them all goodnight


Sensory storytelling is great fun

We also play games with the tray

Like removing one of the objects

And the children guessing which is missing

2017-09-19 17.14.03

We think how the story links to other rhymes and stories that we know


The most recent version of the book

Has a page of bedtime tips at the back

Ideas for establishing a calm end of the day routine

Including some soothing storytelling

book for bedtime

This beautiful book for bedtime

This lovely lullaby

Would make a beautiful gift for a little one

It is definitely one of our most used tools

For when times are tough

There is something magical in the rhythm and tone of this poem

Making it a must have book

For all owners of small humans

For all men and ladies whispering hush

This classic beautiful book

Is for you

for you

You can buy Goodnight Moon from Amazon for around £6

We made our storytelling tray using toys and items from around our house

2017-09-19 17.14.03

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