#matildamaegiveaway: Meelight and Me

light mm

For me there is a link

Between darkness and light

Light means life

Darkness death

When I found Matilda Mae

I knew she was dead

Before I saw her

Because I could not hear her breathing in the darkness

Since that moment

I have not been able to sleep in the dark

There has to be light


With Bea we had a Grolight

From The Gro Company

But David was not keen

He likes the dark

With Edie

I knew that we would need something different

And so we found the Meelight

From MeeMoo Baby

edie mee

This little light has shone for me

Every night

Since Edie was born

Wherever I go

Wherever I sleep

The Meelight comes too

The Meelight is a small pebble shaped light

With a small charging unit

And a clip that enables the light to be attached to clothing

The Meelight
has been designed

With parents and their babies in mind

Designed to make night feeds and changes easier

Created to allow a gentle night time glow

That means parents can see their babies sleeping

Watch their breathing

Carry out any night time duties

Without disturbing baby

The Meelight can also be used for late night loo trips

Checking on older children in their rooms

It is a nightlight, a bedside lamp

A reading light and a torch

But it is more than that

It is a comfort and a companion

To an anxious lonely parent

Up with their baby in the night

This simple innovative product

Has changed my life

edie mee 3

The Meelight gives off a warm gentle light

It does not hurt your eyes in the dark

It has different brightness settings

The brightest is good for feeding baby

Changing nappies

The medium allows closer inspection of baby’s breathing

I like to check the rise and fall of Edie’s breaths

I also check often through the night that she looks well


I leave my Meelight on it’s lowest setting

All night

It lays beside me

Always within easy reach

If I wake with an urge to check Edie

The light lasts around 48 hours from one charge

Meaning the light is portable

And I do not need to panic about it running out

And waking up to pitch black darkness

edie mee 2

The Meelight is an LED light

So it is not hot to the touch

And it cannot overheat

Making it a perfect accessory

For any safer sleep tool box

The Meelight is my most used

Best loved baby product with Edie Mae

And is one I will not be giving away

It will stay with Edie as she grows

And I will love telling her the story behind her light

Our light


It is just a perfect product

And you do not just need to take my word for it

Mama Reid

Quite Frankly She Said

Hot Pink Wellingtons

The MeeMoo Baby Meelight costs £44.99 and you can buy yours from the amazing Cheeky Rascals

I am also delighted to be giving one away

As part of the #matildamaegiveaway

Please pop over to my Instagram feed

For your chance to win

In memory of Matilda Mae

In doing so you will be helping us raise awareness of safer sleep

And highlighting the fantastic work of The Lullaby Trust

Thank you x


We were sent a MeeMoo Meelight to review

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