#matildamaegiveaway: Safer Sleep with Summer Infant

Today Edie Mae turned 9 months old

Most mummies celebrate this milestone

Showing off their birth day bump

Their birth day baby

And their 9 month old baby

9 months in

9 months out

They shout to all who will listen

I had planned to do just that

5 years ago

With Matilda Mae

But then on the night of the day that she turned 9 months

She died

I never did do my celebratory shouting

I had to make public announcements of a very different kind

Now whenever a baby turns 9 months

And it is celebrated on social media

It breaks my heart

And I want to say to the parents

Now imagine having your beautiful 9 month old baby

Snatched from your arms

Never to be seen again

That will give you some tiny inkling

Of how it feels to be

Obviously I have never done that

I never would

But it is what I am screaming inside

My beautiful baby girl


I never had a 9 months moment with Esther and William

I was not pregnant for 9 months

As they were born at 27 weeks

And when they were 9 months young

They were only 6 months corrected

Esther and William at 9 Months

The night that Bea turned 9 months

I was up with her all night

She was very very poorly

We were in Coombe Mill

We took her to an emergency doctor there

And ended up in A&E the next day

Once we had driven home

She really was a very poorly little girl

bea 9 months

It is funny how things work out

And now Edie is 9 months old

And tonight I cannot let her out of my sight

She is with me now

In my arms

And she will stay on me

Or beside me all night

edie 9 months

I cannot begin to imagine losing this little girl

And yet …

… of course I can

Because I lost this little girl

daisy chain tilda

We have been studying Harry Potter recently

And I asked Esther and William what they would do

If they had a time turner

William said that he would travel back in time

To the night that Tilda died

So that he could hide in our bedroom

And see how she died

An innocent idea

A loving incredibly sensitive idea

A typical William idea

An idea that really touched me

And hit a nerve

I often wonder

If we had a video camera

Would we have seen anything?

Could we have saved her?

Would we have watched her die?

We did not use a video monitor with our babies

We had a monitor but not a video one

If Edie ever goes into a cot

In a room of her own

I would want


Her to have a video monitor

With a breathing detector mat

I would also want to be able to watch her

From anywhere and everywhere that i was

To help with the visual monitoring

At home, on holiday or during visits

I could use something like

The Liv Cam™

From Summer Infant

Liv Cam - Insta

The Liv Cam™ is an ideal travel camera

For on-the-go families

With an easy set up, durable design and direct pairing with all major smart devices

The camera works without the need for Wi-Fi

Or a mobile phone service

Allowing you to stream live video and audio to view baby’s room at any time

This sounds perfect to me

For family holidays and sleepovers

For baby

And when moving toddlers into big beds

Would be great for nap time

When busy parents need to use that precious time

To get jobs done

So much potential

With this clever camera monitor

David and I have used our phones before

Leaving one in the bedroom

And keeping one with us

But it relied on wifi or mobile signal to work

Where The Summer Infant Liv Cam™ does not

Liv Cam - Insta

The key features of this monitor are

Stream live video and audio to all major smart devices

Including iOS and Android phones and tablets

Without the need for Wi-Fi

Automatic black and white night vision

Easy set up using the free app

One minute video replay feature to see and share baby’s special moments

Ideal for travelling with a suction cup mount

Height adjustable arm and outer shell for indoor and outdoor use

Remote zoom

Share photos and videos

3-4 hour rechargeable battery

76m range

It looks like a fantastic resource

For monitoring safer sleep

Home and away

Would you like to win a Summer Infant Liv Cam™?

If you would

Head on over to my Instagram feed

For your chance to win

By joining in with the #matildamaegiveaway

Promoting safer sleep

And the work of The Lullaby Trust

lullaby trust

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