#matildamaegiveaway: CuddleDry

We are a man down today

A Daddy down

I think he might have flu

David does not do ill

So when he voluntarily stays in bed all day

You know that it must be bad

I do not cope well without David

We do everything together

It is something lots of people do not understand

But it is just how we work

Even when we are barely speaking to one another

We are still working in sync to run our house

And raise our children

Having four children places a lot of strain on a couple

Grieving for a fifth takes an impossible toll

Throw in depression, anxiety, money worries

And the strongest relationship is put to the test

David and I always manage to bounce back

But our elastic is wearing thin

And each time we spring back into shape

We are just a little saggier than before

But we are still here

Still together

Still keeping on keeping on

But some days are harder for us

Than you could possibly believe

I do not cope well without a plan

I crumble when things do not fall as they are supposed to

It is how anxiety manifests in me

Since Tilda died

When David is away I really struggle

When David is ill I panic

I panic for him

I worry about what will happen to our children if I get sick too

And I am beyond terrified that one or more of the children will be unwell

When a baby dies you lose rationality

And it does not take a lot for me

To be paralysed with fear

David is my rock

Our rock

He is our super glue

He keeps us together

He is our superhero

And he does not do ill

So tonight I am frightened

And I am reminded how much I love my man

How much we need him

How I would never want to live without him

And as we suffer what feels like another enormous blow

I am more determined than ever

To be a better mother and a better wife

And to really and truly start living for Tilda

Because once again today I have been reminded that life fragile

Tomorrow is not certain

Nothing is guaranteed

We need to live for the moment

And make the most of every moment of every day

I have wasted so many days already

I have lost so many days

To anger and fear and resentment and grief

I have lost too many

Too much

Today I am launching another giveaway

As part of our #matildamaegiveaway

And it seems apt that it is with CuddleDry

The British brand synonymous with bathtime

With baby’s bathtime

In our house Daddy does bathtime

And it has been hard without him today


We have been fans of Cuddledry for the longest time

8 years in fact

When I bought two hooded baby towels for Esther and William

That were handed down to Matilda Mae

When I bought two toddler towelling ponchos

For Esther and William

At The Baby Show

We now have three super cute Cuddle Deer toddler towels

Used mostly now with Edie and Bea

At nearly 8 years old Esther and William still adore theirs

And love using them for bath time and at the swimming pool

Even though Esther is far too tall!

CuddleDry are definitely our towels of choice

In our house a deer is definitely not just for Christmas!


Edie is the first of our babies to have

A CuddleDry apron towel

This super soft hands free towel is worn by mummy or daddy

To keep their clothes from getting wet during bath time

mum bath

You are then able to literally cuddle your baby dry

As you lift them out of their bath

Cocoon them in the cotton and bamboo

Cuddle them up to you

Wrapped up tight with the two layer towel

dad bath

There are a range of designs to choose from

We were sent the grey stars

And it is stunning

bath dad

I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to try

The original Cuddledry apron towel

edie bath

I know now what gift to buy any friends or family having a baby in the future

This is a true baby essential

cuddle edie

And I am very excited to be offering you the chance to win one

The Original Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel

In the beautiful grey stars design

Pop over to my Instagram feed

To see how to win

And if you

Like me

Have a husband, wife or partner

That you do not tell enough

How much you love them

How much you need them

How much you appreciate all they do

Cuddle them close

And let them know

Life is fragile

Tomorrow is not certain

Nothing is guaranteed

We need to live for the moment

And make the most of every moment of every day


Cuddle them close

In memory of Matilda Mae

daddy of an angel

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