The Lost Words: Adder

Today is Daddy’s birthday

He went out to work early

So that we can have the afternoon together

The children and I read The Lost Words at breakfast

the lost words

Today we read the spell, adder

We decided to use this poem

As a model for writing a poem about Daddy

We talked about simile and metaphor

As we brainstormed ideas

For describing the different qualities of Daddy

The poem is an acrostic

And each letter starts the description of a different quality

Or characteristic

Here is the original adder spell


And here is our poem for Daddy

daddy adder


Dark chocolate eyes, strong orangutan arms, friendly face, as handsome as a stag
For daddy is as daddy looks

Agile, athletic, strong as an elephant, fast as a cheetah, sometimes sloth slow, statue still
For daddy is as daddy moves

Deep as a cavern, woolly jumper warm, full of adventure and funny jokes, brave as a warrior, magical storyteller
For daddy is as daddy sounds

Daddyish, safe, smoke and fire, just like home
For daddy is as daddy smells

You are our squeezebox, our cuddliest teddy bear, sandpaper rough, strong and tough, yet soft as marshmallows, a tickly mouse.
For daddy is as daddy feels

Written on your birthday
By Esther, William and Bea (with squidgy kisses from Edie and thoughts of Baby Tilda)
Inspired by adder from The Lost Words

We are loving the poems in The Lost Words

We are loving using them to inspire our own writing

We are going to be doing some art work linked to the book too

And cannot wait to share it with you

For now though

Happy Birthday Daddy

We hope you like your poem

happy daddy day

One thought on “The Lost Words: Adder

  1. I really love your poetry over breakfast and the poems the children have created are really good! Well done them!
    Happy birthday to your husband. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon together.

    Also hope you had a wonderful holiday. xx

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