10 Baby Boy Names I LOVE But Will (Probably!) Never Use

Five children

And one beautiful boy

My boy Bill

Our Will


william at leeds

Our William Nairn

Was William Nairn from the start

He carries the names of generations past

On to pastures new

William from the Henley side

And Nairn from the Nairn

I always promised my Dad

If I ever had a son

His middle name would be Nairn

So that our family name would carry on

William was the name of David’s Grandad

And though his maternal grandfather was Edward

He was always known as Bill

Our William though not known as Bill

Proudly carries the name forward


And there was never any question that William would be his name

It is not just a family thing

We also love the stories of Just William

William Wallace from Braveheart

Our future king William

Past King Williams

William Shakespeare

Will Smith

William Wordsworth

William Blake

William Henley (of Invictus fame)

So many notable Williams

harry potter william

We also love the name because

It originated in Germany

Where I grew up

Though now known as an English name

William means resolute protection

Resolute protector

It is also linked with the meaning

Strong willed warrior

Our William loves all things to do with battles and honour

He is reading the Redwall series of books at the moment

And in reenacting scenes from the story

He is living up to the many meanings of his name

He is strong, mighty, a wordsmith

He is skilled and imaginative and a warrior

Our William is everything a little boy should be

With his clever brain and his soft heart

He is an everyday superhero

And I am incredibly proud to be his mummy


He is a wonderful brother to his four sisters

But I do sometimes feel sad for him

That he does not have a brother

I often wonder if we had had a second boy

What that boy would have been like

How they might have got along

And what our boy might have been called


Here are the boy names we like

That I like

(David is always very noncommittal)

10 baby boy names I LOVE but will (probably!) never use


He who laughs

What a wonderful meaning for a name

It links beautifully to Beatrice

Which means bringer of Joy

It would have worked I think

Esther, William, Matilda, Beatrice, Edith and Isaac



Most likely if Edie had been a boy

She would have been called Josiah

Shortened to Jed

Named after The West Wing president

Josiah (Jed) Bartlet

Josiah is a Hebrew name

It means God supports, God heals

Could be very apt in our family

A good name for a boy rainbow


I love this name

I know so many lovely Jacob’s

And some very special Jake’s

Including a boy I once taught in Year 2

Who was wonderfully intelligent and kind and creative

And an utter joy to teach

Our Jacob would have been a Jake

Jake Henley has something of a ring

But we were always unsure because of the meaning



LOVE this name

But most likely would never have used it

As my best friend’s son is called Edward


It means rich guard


I am not sure David would have ever gone for this

But I really like the name Theo

Theodore Henley could work you know

Theo means gift from God


We have a dear friend called Daniel

One of the strongest, kindest and bravest people I know

Someone who makes you feel good about yourself

A fine father, a true friend

A good egg

Daniel, Dan

The name means God is my judge


I LOVE this name

Again I am not sure David would have gone for it

A strong name

It means God is my strength


This is a lovely name for a longed for baby boy

It means God has heard


This is David’s middle name

I love Joseph and Joe

The name means God shall add (another son)

This is a lovely name for the last boy in a large family


Again this name comes from our love of The West Wing

Joshua means saviour, deliverer

It means God is generous

A good Biblical name

A strong boy’s name

Often shortened to Josh

I also like Tobias and Tom

But I have a nephew named Toby

And Thomas means twin

So should really have been used for William


Except of course

William is William

God William

Our braveheart

My boy Bill

My only boy

My beautiful bonny boy

Always, ever and only


Just William


Just William


What baby boy names do you love but will never use (probably!!)?

3 thoughts on “10 Baby Boy Names I LOVE But Will (Probably!) Never Use

  1. When I was pregnant with my son, we couldn’t find a boys name that we liked. I had an app with 25,000 names on it that it would suggest randomly and none of them were good enough. One day, Fox popped into my head, so that’s what he’s called. We recently drove past the fertility clinic that helped him to be concieved and where we spent so much time. We hadn’t registered it at the time, but it’s on a road called Fox Lane! A very fitting name for my very special boy. X

  2. Beautiful list of names.
    I have Gabriel as the middle name of my youngest son, chosen to honour the babies I miscarried. It’s a lovely name.

    We also have a Theo in the home, though he’s not a human member of the family.

    I think William is a good, strong, dateless name. It certainly suits your William and his middle name is also so meaningful.

    It’s interesting that certain names remind you of lovely children in the classroom. Do you also have names that remind you of children that were more difficult and memorable for different reasons and therefore have put you off?
    I love Jake and Jacob is nice but I know a Jacob who was more than a handful. It’s always made me associate the name with him.
    If you can draw a line and not associate names with children you’ve known, that’s really good.

    You have chosen such meaningful names for your children. xx

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