5 Ways To Reuse Paper Coffee Cups

Today I went to Starbucks

For my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte

I must admit that I did not actually like it very much

But what I did like was Starbucks’ policy on trying to reduce their use

Of paper coffee cups

They f=give financial incentives for customers with their own reusable mug

And charge for paper cups

We were recently in Italy

A place of great coffee

A place with a true cafe culture

And not a high speed coffee shop in sight

We had one takeaway coffee our whole holiday

And that was in Switzerland

At the lido

Here in the UK

I am guilty of buying coffee while out and about

Though we do try to remember to take a flask out with us

Especially in the winter

But increasingly we are becoming aware

That the things we are doing are not enough

More has to be done

To reduce waste

For the good of our planet

And future generations

One of the things we can do is reduce our use of disposable cups

Another is to find ways to reuse the cups we do use

We can also recycle the cups by disposing of them in the appropriate place

Such as finding and using recycling bins like these


Glasdon have created a very detailed ebook

About tackling the staggering 2.5 billion disposable cups that are used in the UK each year

Helping us know what to do with them after our beverage is gone

The ebook is filled with insights into the latest industry developments

And the consumer initiatives available to help you take action right now.

You can find the ebook here https://uk.glasdon.com/downloads/brochures/Glasdon-UK-eBook-What-Why-How-to-of-Cup-Recycling.pdf

And here are five fun ways to reuse the coffee cups

You do not have chance to ‘throw away’

Make an explorers’ kit

coffee cup explorer

Make a paper cup party popper


Collect them to make a fun stacking game


Make plant containers

plant containers

Make a craft tool caddy

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and still drink ALL the coffee!

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