18 Awesome Advent Calendars For 2018

It is time

To begin the countdown

To the countdown

It is the countdown to advent

And the month when it is totally acceptable

To have chocolate with breakfast

Or Marshmallows

As I did last year!

Here are 18 countdown calendars

For advent 2018

In no particular order

The Snowman and The Snowdog Large Chocolate Advent Calendar

I love this calendar

I love that it can be personalised

How magical to find an advent chocolate

Made especially for you!


Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

I think that this would be William’s choice

He likes to collect Lego figures

star wars

Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

This would be Bea’s calendar of choice

peppa pig advent


This could be a contender for Esther

I think it will be a popular one this year

Are you having a Hatchimals Christmas this year?



I know lots of children who would love a Barbie advent calendar


Schleich Horse Club

Ooooh now Esther really would love this one!

Perfect for pony club members

schleich horse


A colourful countdown to Christmas with Crayola


Schleich Farm

We love farm animals in our house

And this collection is super cute

scheich farm world

Luck and Luck Create A Forest Scene Calendar

This is really beautiful

Building up a woodland scene

As you countdown

Esther would love this


Luck and Luck Countdown With A Polar Scene

Another lovely scene to build up

As you countdown

Who doesn’t love a polar bear?


Meri Meri Christmas Ink Stamp Calendar from Luck and Luck

How cute is this?

We have a festive writing area throughout advent

This calendar would be a great addition to that

My children LOVE stamping


Meri Meri Nativity Scene

One for all the family

To tell the Christmas Story

I think this is beautiful


Playmobil 123 Farm

This is lovely

And suitable for our littlest people

playmobil 123 farm

Happyland Advent Calendar

We love Happyland

And this is a lovely advent calendar for young toddlers

The toys are perfect for using in messy, sensory small world play

elc happyland advent calendar

Where’s Wally 3D Advent Calendar

wheres wally

Nutcracker Theatre Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

Perfect for your little ballerina

nutcracker charm

The Royal Mint Nutcracker Advent Calendar

This one is very special

With real life treasure

A Nutcracker £5 coin


And one last nod to The Nutcracker

24 tiny illustrated story books

Telling the magical tale of The Nutcracker

What a wonderful idea!

nutcracker story set

Which would you choose?

We are very excited about advent in our house

This year we will be doing a reverse advent calendar

To donate to our local food bank

As well as an activity a day calendar

Which will include acts of kindness in the community

And acts of remembrance for Matilda Mae

What do you have planned for advent?

And how will you countdown?


2 thoughts on “18 Awesome Advent Calendars For 2018

  1. Can I suggest a special book to add to the list. Alex T Smith has just had a lovely book published called ‘How Winston delivered Christmas’. It’s a book in 24 1/2 chapters, one for every day in December up to Christmas and is beautiful. It also has a little Christmas activity for every day!

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