The Snowman 2018: It’s a Kind Of Magic

Today was the day

Our annual trip to The Peacock Theatre

To see The Snowman

This is how we start our advent every year

And I cannot quite believe how quickly this day seems to have come around again

But come it has

And Esther, William, Bea and I headed into the city

Reading the new chapter book version of The Snowman

Written by the wonderful Michael Morpurgo

Most of the passengers on our train

Were headed to Twickenham for the rugby

And there we were

In our Christmas jumpers

Cuddled up reading The Snowman

Once in London

We walked through the city streets

Humming the soundtrack from the ballet

And stomping in our imaginary snow as James does on the stage

We were excited

Me as much if not more so than the children

We were going to see The Snowman!

snowman 1

We arrived at The Peacock Theatre in good time

Time to get our tickets, have a drink and a wee

And a flick through the programme

2018-11-24 12.15.09

We had wonderful seats this year

Front centre of the dress circle

And it made such a difference to how we saw the show

We had wonderful views of the dancers faces

And could clearly see their expressions

And we were perfectly positioned

For waving at James and The Snowman

As they flew through the snowy air

Walking In The Air

Always makes me cry

And today was no exception

Tears fell as Bea’s little voice exclaimed

Mummy, they are waving specially at me

And it did look like they were

All the children enjoyed the show

Bea loved the Ice Princess

She totally got that The Snowman fell in love with her

But Jack Frost loved her too

And that they were fighting about her

Bea thought Jack Frost was covered in real icicles

She was very invested in Jack and the princess

And she would like to dance the part of the Ice Princess one day

She did dance quite a lot of it from her seat today

I loved watching her as much as I loved watching the actual show

Esther’s favourite characters were the toys

The music box doll, the toy soldier and the teddy bear

William as always loved the comedy elements

And the character dancers

Father Christmas

The penguins

He also loved Jack Frost

Because of the acro elements of his dancing

I say it every year

But I think William could be a wonderful performer in a funny role

Like that of Father Christmas

The Scottish Snowman stood out for me this year

They were clearly enjoying their role

James was incredibly well danced this year

I think it was the same noy we saW last year

But being a year older he seemed more confident

And to have made the character more his own

He was a delight to watch

And an inspiration for my tiny dancers

Who dream of treading the boards themselves one day

The ballet of The Snowman is truly beautiful

We laughed, cried, clapped and cheered

We even danced by our seats for the finale

This is a festive theatrical delight for all the family

And it never ever disappoints

Christmas is just not Christmas without The Snowman

It’s a kind of magic!

If you would like the ballet inspired by the Raymond Briggs picture book

To be part of your family Christmas too

It is showing from now until the new year

At The Peacock Theatre in London

Now that we have been to the magical land of snow

Now that we have had our first glimpse of the man in red

In our house we are calling it …

… It’s Christmas!

christmas 2018

Well, advent actually

And for us that really is

The most wonderful time of the year!

Edspire and The Snowman

Do You Wanna See The Snowman?

We were given press tickets to see The Snowman in return for our honest review

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