Stocking Fillers For 8 Year Olds

With just 8 sleeps to go

I am trying to make sure

I have everything ready for Christmas

Esther, William and Bea are incredibly excited

They are excited about every aspect of Christmas

But together they talk about Christmas morning

And their stockings

This year I have tried to make their stockings special

Because of the whisperings I have overheard

I wanted to share with you some of the stocking presents

I have chosen for my 8 year olds

For my Harry Potter mad daughter

Who loves magic


Art, animals and adventures

I have chosen …

A Hermione Notebook and Wand Pen


Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

stocking bertie botts beans

Schleich Unicorns


Skin Tones Colouring Pencils

stocking skin tone pencils

An Ostheimer Goose Girl and a gaggle of geese for storytelling and small world play

stocking goose girl

stocking goose ostheimer

stocking goose

Top Quarkz

Top Quarkz by The Remarkablz

Is a 2018 take on Top Trumps

Showcasing some of the best female (and male!) STEM role models

Transforming some of the most impressive scientists of our time

And throughout history into superheroes

In a powerful celebration of diversity in gender, ethnicity and ability

Cannot wait to play and learn with this card game

stocking top quarkz

A Prism

For making rainbows

And exploring light

Real life magic!

Have you ever read the book Pollyanna?

I bought one of these for William too!

stocking prism

Also for William

My historian

My explorer


World wildlife saver

Den maker

My beautiful boy

I have chosen these

History Heroes Explores Card Game

stocking history heroes explorers

Harry Potter Jelly Slugs

stocking harry potter jelly slugs

A collection of Haba outdoor tools and equipment from One Hundred Toys

stocking haba paracord set

stocking haba carabiner set

stocking haba headlamp

stocking haba carving knife set

I cannot wait to see him get to grips with these

What will your 8 year old find in their stocking this Christmas?

This is a collaborative post

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