How and Why Co-Sleeping Works For Us

There are many reasons that I choose to co-sleep with my children

Besides the main reason

That after losing Tilda to SIDS

I cannot put my babies down

I have to be able to see and feel them breathe

For the past 5 years I have shared my bed

With Edie or Bea

Wrapped around them

To protect them

And knowing that if they die

They will not be alone

With both my rainbow babies

The cot has been empty

empty cot

David and I have a king size mattress

Bought with co-sleeping in mind

It is wide enough for us to share with our children

It is firm and supportive

A child cannot sink into it

We follow safer sleep guidelines in our bed

sleepy edie

In my bed I have no covers

Or I have a light breathable cover wrapped tightly round me

I do not use a pillow

I sleep on my left side

Curled in a C shape

So Edie lies on her back

Between my arm and my raised knee

She has no covers unless it is really cold

And then she wears a Grobag

I always adjust what Edie wears

To allow for heat radiating from me

Our room is always between 17 – 19 degrees

Unless the weather is extreme

So Edie usually sleeps in a sleepsuit and vest

Lying on her back next to me

Turning her head to latch on to feed

I can feel her breathing

I can hear the inhale and exhale

Often the gentle rhythm of her snoring

And I can see her

Every night

Every single night

I sleep with the light on

edie mee 3

My Logistical Tips For Co-Sleeping

You need a big enough bed for all sleeping in it to have space to lie flat

A firm mattress is best and safest for baby

As a parent invest in thermal pyjamas and bed socks

Do not use pillows or duvets or any loose coverings

Keep baby at the right temperature with their clothing and Grobag

Sleep with a light on so that you can see baby to check their position and breathing

Sleep in the protective C position to keep baby safe beside you

Sleep in the centre of the bed so that baby cannot fall out

Follow The Lullaby Trust guidelines for when you MUST not sleep with your baby

Read more about our bed sharing journey and SIDS here

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