#AD Bringing Up Baby with Bounty

I still remember so clearly

Finally falling pregnant with my twins

After years of invasive fertility investigations and treatments

Cycle after cycle of IVF

I still remember so clearly

Being given my Bounty Pack

Sitting and looking at all the contents

Reading the leaflets from cover to cover

I remember my disappointment at never having met a Bounty lady

Esther and William’s birth was far too soon and traumatic

Matilda Mae, Bea and Edie all too swift

We did not really see anyone at all

Between birth and heading home

But all my babies

Have been Bounty babies

my bounty babies

I have used the website

And more recently their App

To help me track my pregnancies

My babies’ development milestones

I turn to Bounty to find answers to my burning questions

While up feeding in the middle of the night

I also love reading through their suggestions for baby names

I MAY still do that now

Though there will definitely be no more babies for me!!

I loved receiving Bounty pregnancy and baby updates

Tailored to our age or stage

They were always relevant and practical

App Store Screens - Visualisation

I still get emails now linked to both Edie and Bea

People have been bringing up babies with Bounty

For 60 years

And now it is easier than ever

With the Bounty Parenting App

Launched in 2017

The App puts information about pregnancy and parenting

At the fingertips of parents

For free

App Store Screens - Today

You can link to your local hospital

To instantly be able to locate their pregnancy and baby information

Within the available files for our nearest hospital

I was able to find leaflets about Sepsis, immunisations

Contact information for and safety information from The Lullaby Trust

Links to Kicks Count and baby movements

When to call your midwife lists

All of this on your phone

In one place

Not in a crumpled leaflet left in a bag or pocket somewhere

This stuff is so valuable for anxious parents and parents to be

App Store Screens - Hospital

Add to this all the details of how your baby is growing inside you

Ideas for play

A wonderful collection of articles under the umbrella question

Is it just me?

App Store Screens - Articles

Bounty answers questions you might not feel comfortable enough to ask others

In pregnancy and throughout the early years of parenting

The Bounty App provides the ability to save money

You can take advantage of free samples, discount vouchers and exclusive offers

You can do this simply by showing the app on your phone

At your local Asda, Boots or Tesco

How easy is that?

App Store Screens - Free Stuff_v3

The super simple to use Bounty App is provided at no cost

New content is added regularly, and the Bounty App itself is also frequently updated

With additional functionality and other improvements to support new parents

Almost 70% of UK maternity / prenatal clinics / hospitals

Recommend the download of the App to pregnant women

Available for both Apple and Android,

The Bounty App has quickly become the UK’s leading pregnancy app


You can download it free

Right now

Just click here

This is a paid collaboration with Bounty

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