Wedding Belles with David Charles Children’s Wear #ad

Summer is finally within touching distance

And wedding season is in full swing

We are heading to Yorkshire next week

For a family wedding

It has been one year since our last wedding

And will probably be the last wedding we attend in a while

Because of this

And because of the VIP status off the people getting married

We are all very excited

If a little anxious

About the big day

I love weddings

I find them incredibly emotional

Much more so since Tilda died

Big family events make it very obvious that someone is missing

And weddings are particularly hard when you have lost a daughter

Because as you wait for the bride to make her entrance

You realise all over again that your daughter will never be married

David will never get to walk her down the aisle

Give her away

Make a speech in her honour

Celebrate her new life

With a husband or wife

And children of her own

To remember Tilda at the wedding

In our own little secret way

We will all be wearing stars

It seemed a good subtle way to make sure Matilda Mae was with us

I have found dressing the girls for the wedding tricky

Because again

It shines a stark light on the fact that Tilda is missing

I have now chosen outfits for all our living children

And I am really pleased with what they will be wearing

Esther and Bea are dressed in same but different styles

From David Charles Children’s Wear

Their dresses are breathtakingly beautiful

Edie is wearing a much simpler and softer style

From one of our favourite brands


I wanted the older girls to match

Yet not be identical

Bea’s style is a mix of ballerina, fairy and princess

While Esther age 8

Wanted to be more elegant

And add a little of her own style

To show that she is the eldest of our tribe!

Both girls have strong views on what they like

I wanted them to have special dresses

Dresses that are pretty and girly

Timeless dresses


That look like they are made for little girls

Not for mini adults

I spent a long time browsing the David Charles website

Thinking about the colouring of my girls

And the style, shape and length of dresses to try

I am so incredibly pleased with the dresses that they have

And most importantly

They are too!

david charles 008

The dresses arrived in beautiful packaging

I have to admit I was very nervous unwrapping them

The dresses are beautiful

And you could tell from first glance that they are incredibly well made

The embroidery is exquisite

The colours perfect

The detailing so special

david charles 007

You can tell a lot of love when in to the design and manufacture of these dresses

The girls could not wait to try them on

david charles 010

Bea’s dress is a Cream Floral Party Gown

With embroidered floral accents

This dress is the epitome of springtime elegance

Delicate layers of tulle add an instant air of luxury

While the ball gown silhouette makes this gown perfect for parties

david charles 003

The dress has soft waist ruffles

And a subtle v-cutout back

This really is a stunning dress

david charles 004

Bea will be 5 in August

I bought her the age 5 size

And it fits well with some growing room

Which I wanted as the dress retails at £285

The smile on her face though is priceless

And I cannot wait to see my little princess

With her hair all done and her sparkly golden shoes

She is going to be BEA-utiful!

david charles 002

Esther’s dress has the same floral design

Called Cream Floral Applique Gown

david charles 001

It is in a soft cream palette with pastel appliqué throughout

Featuring a tulle pleated skirt and lavish ruffle bodice trim

david charles 006

This gorgeous ribbon-waist gown

Includes a subtle v-back detail and concealed zip fastening

It is so pretty

And just looks a little more grown up than Bea’s gown

david charles 005

Esther is adding her own funky style by wearing the dress with a denim jacket

While Bea has a cream bolero cardigan

They are going to look so wonderful together

Identifying as sisters

While showing of their personalities

And individual sense of style

david charles 009

If you like the look of these dresses

And fancy winning one for the special little girl in your life

Keep an eye on the blog

As I have a wonderful giveaway coming up

In collaboration with David Charles

I will also be sharing photos of the girls all dressed for the wedding

And telling you more about this fabulous children’s wear brand

We were sent Esther and Bea’s dresses in return for an honest review

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