Five For A First: Water Tables


With the temperatures rising And a first birthday on the horizon I am water table window shopping And thought I would share My five favourite finds Five water tables Fit for a first birthday Made to last well beyond And … Continue reading 

Perfectly Padded Playmat from Jaycee Baby: A Review


Edie is our fifth and final baby Because of that she is the queen of hand me downs With four siblings before her We really do have all the baby paraphernalia we need And more The only things that David … Continue reading 

11 Ways To Play With Plastic Eggs

egg play

With Easter Weekend over What do you plan to do with your left over plastic eggs? Why not try our 11 ways to play with plastic eggs? Add Water Beads Into the playroom I brought three big bowls. A clear … Continue reading 

Baby Play: Dough Tools Treasure Basket

treasure basket

Over the last few weeks I have been making treasure baskets for Edie And exploring heuristic play Treasure Basket and Heuristic Play support personal, social and emotional development Treasure Baskets give babies and children a chance to Enjoy the exploration … Continue reading 

Preschool Play: Cinnamon Scented Sensory Play

scented sensory box

During Advent my children have loved playing with a simple Cinnamon Scented Sensory Box It was super simple to set up With things we already had at home The potential for open ended play Was limited only by their imaginations … Continue reading