The Gallery: Love

Love was a topic for The Gallery blog hop before I knew it existed but so inspired am I by The Gallery I am working my way through previous topics and old photos to create entries of my own.

Thank you Sticky Fingers for the inspiration.

Here are my illustrations for LOVE!

Love is trust

Love is laughter

Love is challenge

Love is facing the world together

Love is strong

Love is sharing

Love is hard

Love is adventure

Love is pride

Love is fulfilling

Love is enjoying each other

Love is growing together

Love is commitment

Love is ambition

Love is support

Love is passion

Love is friendship

Love is all encompassing

Love is freedom

Love is independence

Love is as old as time

Love lasts

Love changes

Love demands

Love develops

Love endeavours and endures

Love engages

Love is enormous

Love is minute

Love is touching

Love is watching

Love is embracing

Love is climbing mountains, chasing rainbows and realising dreams

Love is life

Life is love

Love is love

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