Alphabe Thursday – B is for Balloons, Bouquets, Button Holes and Bunting!!!

Jenny Matlock

Oh I am so excited about our wedding I think that on this day of Bs I could literally BUBBLE over or BURST!!

Today is all about accessories – balloons, bouquets, button holes and bunting!

To be honest I am not really into flowers and I have never have been. If I could find an affordable alternative to create the look I want I would go for it straight away. But as things stand we are having flowers, simple flowers, to add colour and character to our day.

The main colours for our wedding are going to be brown (the men), navy (the ladies) and sunflower yellow. And white!

Our wedding reception is on one site but split between a hall and a marquee. The hall will be used for the evening and the marquee for the afternoon.

The marquee is where there will be afternoon tea and a barn dance. This wll be decorated with navy and yellow gingham bunting and hay bales covered in gingham material. On the long wooden tables will be jam jars filled with wild flowers.

The hall will follow the same colour scheme but will be decorated with large helium balloons. Above each round table I would like a 3 ft helium spherical balloon in yellow, white or blue The balloons will be weighted down with jam jars filled with pebbles and wild flowers.

Each table will have one sunflower and sunflowers will also be the main bloom in my bouquet and David’s button hole. Because we are having an informal wedding only David is having a button hole and only I a bouquet. The bridesmaids will each have a sunflower wrist corsage to complement their navy dresses.

Outside the church and te reception venue I would like there t be buckets of sunflowers and also a walkway of helium balloons.

I have been collecting photos of ideas that I like that I am sharing with you today and would really welcome any comments, advice, ideas or feedback tht you think might hep me to achieve the look we want for our day.

Here are the ideas I have been collating for balloons, bouquets, button holes and bunting.

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21 thoughts on “Alphabe Thursday – B is for Balloons, Bouquets, Button Holes and Bunting!!!

  1. Wow, that will look amazing I love the colours, and the wrist corsages are a fab idea.

    If you are using the same flowers for the church and reception make sure you have it planned how they will be transported, you don’t want to have any additional worries on the day. My florist suggested we did this, but everyone was coming by train to our reception and it would have been a nightmare.

    It sounds fantastic though and I love the sunflowers idea!

    • Thank you. Great tip about transporting flowers, will allocate people jobs for the day. The wrist corsages came about because every bridesmaid will be carrying a baby or holding a flower girls hand so a bouquet or posy for them would have been impractical. Hoping to meet with florist soon to finalise all the ideas and BUDGET!!! Did not dare use that for my B post, don’t want to think about the budget!!

  2. Jennie it sounds totally beautiful!! And I so wish we could have come, but I cant wait to see the photos. One thing that we did which we still enjoy was to have two little trees planted in pots outside the church (although it was spring so spring flowers were planted around them too) we then planted both trees in our garden afterwards (they are miniture ones). In keeping with your theme you could have miniture apple trees surrounded by sunflowers – they could stay in pots until you have a garden you want to plant them in. Just a fun idea!!!
    So hope you have the most wonderful day – I am sure it will be! You have put so much thought into it. One other thing I would add is try and plan something special for after your honeymoon – just something simple, its just stops the post wedding blues hitting too hard. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I love the trees idea and I know that David will too. We will have labels on them to say that the idea came from you x Not sure that we are going to have a honeymoon. Bad time of year for anyone to look after the babies and not sure I could leave them anyway. I hope we wil go somewehre all 4 of us but we are not having much luck finding anywhere special that would work with year old twins. What did you do after your honeymoon to beat the blues?

      • Aw you don’t need to put labels on them but that is a lovely thought – thank you x We did our wedding a bit differently as we had both been married before. So we just had family for the actual day in spring and then planned a big party for the summer. We also just went away for 3 days to a fab castle hotel in the Highlands and then had our real honeymoon later in the year in the Maldives – so we really spread it out and celebrated the whole year!!! In fact we are still planning to have a blessing when we have completed our family!! It was lovely though as after my first wedding we both sunk into gloom after so much planning and looking forward to the day.

        It must be hard to plan with the twins but they will be old enough to go somewhere nice and you are so close to the ports if you don’t want to fly with them. But it does give you the opportunity to plan something wonderful and romatic for when you can leave them with someone – that will be lovely to look forward to and I can highly recommend the Maldives!! xxx

  3. Ooh, ooh! Have you considered button bouquets? I wasn’t keen on flowers so have found a lovely lady in Dover that makes them. Google Blue Button Bride and you should find her Folksy shop. If not let me know and I can send you the link.

    You colours are gorgeous – a lovely, bright, sunshine day!

  4. Oh! I was so excited when this post opened! I love weddings! You have so many brilliant ideas! I like every single thing you are planning. It sounds like you need to have about ten weddings, then you could do all the themes and ideas you want!

    This whole post made me smile.

    I suspect this is going to be the event of the year!

    Can’t wait to read more.

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “B”.


  5. Having seen the pictures of how your wedding actually did turn out, you really stuck to your initial thoughts and inspiration! It looked just as good, if not better, than the photos above. Looking at it now, there are some things I wish I’d done with ours.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase (and for adding the badge!)

  6. Aw what a lovely post, it really made me smile. I love weddings and sounds like you were super excited about yours (which is how it should be, of course!) Makes me think about my own wedding day too, such lovely memories x

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