Baby Play: Let Baby Loose on your Laptop!

Esther and William love to help David and I work on our laptops and so this has prompted David to write a programme which means that they can make things happen just by bashing any key!

Baby Play is a simple game that means when a key is touched a shape or picture appears on the screen and a sound is heard.

Noise and lights to keep baby happy on a laptop of their own! Any old laptop will do.

You can customise the game by adding your own photographs and sounds. Why not use it to help baby recognise pictures of animals and their sounds? Add fun photos of friends and family to make baby laugh. Lots of possibilities that are very easy to do.

Please feel free to download the programme if it is something you think that your baby might like to use.

To add photos and sounds copy jpegs, pngs or gifs, or wav files, into the resources folder inside the Baby Play folder. Then run the game. Your files will automatically be detected and randomly included along with the shapes and default sounds.

When baby, or you, have had enough of the sounds and pictures then just press Alt F4 to exit.



Baby Play

Baby Play 1.3

David and I are hoping to develop this game further so if you would like to be kept up to date with developments or if you have any ideas for what we should do next then please leave us a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Baby Play: Let Baby Loose on your Laptop!

  1. that’s great, I’ve downloaded it & will put it on whenever I leave the room as Jack always likes to have a sneaky play on the laptop when I’m out of the room, this way he can’t mess anything up, hopefully!
    Great idea, well done!

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  3. WOW .. he’s a proper programmer and talented one too :) love the site
    I’m an old school unix programmer, I also use C# and Boring in comparison …

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