I Am Grateful For Esther and William

On the 24th July 2010, at just 27 weeks gestation, Esther and William were born.

I am grateful that every day they are growing bigger and stronger.
I am grateful that they can do all the things that other babies do.
I am grateful that they have made me a better person, who is growing and changing day by day.
Together we are growing stonger.
Together we are strong.
We are a family and that is worth more than all the world.
I am grateful that they have survived, against all the odds they have survived and soon will be one year!
I am grateful for having them n my life.
They are my life.
I will alway be grateful and thankful for that.
I am grateful for Esther and William.
Thank you x

5 thoughts on “I Am Grateful For Esther and William

  1. Having read a few more of your early and highly emotive posts recently, I now understand how completely grateful you are for them. Every mother is grateful for their children, but your journey makes this post very personal. Beautiful photos and a beautiful sentiment.

  2. What a lovely post, it is wonderful to know your twins are growing big and strong. 27 weeks is so early and they are gorgeous and perfect. I am sure that you are even more grateful than most for the fact that they are healthy and happy.

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