034/366 Trunki Twins

Trunki Twins!

Just before Christmas we were lucky enough to win three Trunki toy boxes from Toy Tidy. I was so thrilled with the prize as not a week before I had asked my husband if I could buy some of these funky storage boxes and he had said no.

To be fair we do have a lot of boxes and a lot of toys but these colourful toy storage trunks are fun and as they are stackable they do not take up too much room. They are also versatile providing not only storage options but also walkers, seats, ride ons, tables and even a train for Esther and William to play on.

The boxes are sturdy but also very light so easy for Esther and William to manoeuvre independently. They love rushing round the house with them and as they are so light they can build up quite a speed.

We have had great fun with our Trunki toyboxes. They are attractive and practical too.

Esther and William love helping to empty and fill the boxes with toys. It has made tidy up time lots of fun. William has also worked out how to undo the box latches and so can help himself to the toys he feels he wants ot needs facilitating independence as he plays.

Thank you Toy Tidy and Trunki for a fabulous storage solution that is fun and also makes our playroom bright and pretty.

We have our sights set on this next!!

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