What Is In A Name? Matilda Mae

Do I Suit My Name?

Shortly after Esther and William were born I wrote a short post about why we had chosen their names – What is in a Name?

Today I am doing the same for Matilda Mae.

Matilda is a name I have always loved and for a long time was our first choice of name for Esther. I am glad now that we chose Esther for Esther though as it is a name that suits her perfectly. Just as Matilda Mae is perfect for our new little girl. We have been calling her it since she was first conceived, though we did have a wobble at 26 weeks.

We have also changed the spelling of Mae from our original intended May.

Matilda Mae Henley

The name Matilda originated in Germany. I love the link to Germany as it is where I grew up. I lived there from the age of 11 until I was 24.

Matilda means mighty in battle.

The name was brought from Europe to the UK by William the Conqueror whose wife had the name. She was known as Queen Matilda or Maud.

Matilda can be shortened to Tilly, Tilda, Millie, Matty or Maud.

Matilda by Roald Dahl, is a children’s book about a girl with extraordinary mental powers.

Waltzing Matilda is a famous Australian folk song.

We like the name Mae because it is a pet form of Mary, which is David’s mother’s name.

I also love the meaning, ‘Star of the Sea’, as David and I both love the sea and Esther’s name means star and so it provides a link between the names of our two daughters.

Mae is of Hebrew origin.

What’s in a name? Lots in a name!

Matilda Mae Henley

6 thoughts on “What Is In A Name? Matilda Mae

  1. She is so beautiful Jennie, so completely and utterly gorgeous. I look at that bottom photo and I can see a lot of William in her. What a fascinating background to her name, no idea how complex these things can be. Do you think you will shorten it? I’ve always liked Tilly.

  2. Yes I love Tilly too. Tilly Mae! But at the moment we call her Matilda. Esther calls her Tilda which is very cute. William just calls her Baby!

  3. I agree … she’s an absolute peach! so so so pretty :) I love her name, our niece is called Matilda Lily and we call her Tilly Lily or Magoo … not sure where it came from? probably because it rhymes? Matilda Magoo? who knows … anyway I massively approve of her name and it suits her well x x x

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