Day 11: We Have Turned A Corner!

Too Cute!

Today Matilda Mae is 11 days old.

Today we have been discharged from the Midwife as our clever little girl has gained so much weight.

Matilda now weighs 7lb 12oz putting on 8oz in 6 days!!! She is no longer jaundiced and we have both been declared fit and well.

Now we have 7 more days with Daddy’s help before me and our three go it alone!!!

This week is going to be all about trying things out and gaining confidence for getting about with three children under two. There are varying combinations that I am keen to try:

Sling and double buggy
Sling and reins
Pram and reins
Double buggy and reins

Will all be good fun until we find what works best for us in different circumstances.

We have also found that Esther and William now really enjoy art and craft activities so I am going to build them in after lunch each day. I am going to be reading the MAD Blog Awards Craft Finalists for ideas and inspiration. All the night feeding gives me some quality reading time!

I'm a Big Sister!

I'm a Big Brother!

This week will also be making the most of having Daddy full time to make sure I get some rest and really bond with Matilda.

On Wednesday I am taking her to NCT Bumps and Babes to meet some of my friends and on Thursday I am taking her to London for a press event! I need to get out and about with her to remember what being out with a baby is like, I will then add the twins to the mix from there.

Out and About with Ruby and Ginger

I have only driven my car once since the birth and that was to Sainsburys with Matilda Mae. We got there and back safely but I did not buy any of the things that we went for. I had to send David out after me.

So you see I need practise before I am allowed out alone; plus three!!!!

Also this week I would like to get my eyebrows shaped and Esther and William REALLY need a haircut!

The other wonderful thing that has happened today is that we think we may have found a house!!

We have been searching for a house to buy for a few months now but have not found anything that suits our wants and needs. However, today we may just have found it!

A house at the end of a lane
A house in a village with a shop and a cafe and a park
Near lots of good schools
A house with open spaces for children to run and play
A space for David to work
A garden for adventures
A house full of potential and possibilities
A family home for years to come!

Today we went to explore the area and I had a definite buzz of excitement in my tummy. We have not even been inside the house yet, tomorrow is the day for that.

These first 11 days as a family of five have been a real rollercoaster of emotions for all of us as we get to grips with something so precious and so very very new.

Matilda Mae in particular has found these first 11 days exhausting!


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