Out and About with Ruby and Ginger

Having twins means that I am used to being stopped on the street and questioned.

Having twins on Smart Trikes prepared me for admiring looks and lots of comments and compliments.

Nothing though quite prepared me for the gushing compliments given to a proud mummy of a beautiful baby framed by the prettiest car seat cover I have ever seen. And so very girly, perfect for our daughter, Baby Matilda Mae.

Matilda, Ruby and Ginger!

Matilda will be two weeks old tomorrow and she is already a well travelled little girl and every time we go out and about we cover her up with this gorgeous Ruby and Ginger cover.

Pretty as a Picture!

Everyone we meet makes a comment about how gorgeous the fabric is, what a great idea the cover is and how comfy and snug she looks.

One of the nurses at the hospital thought she might like an adult sized one to wear when watching TV in the winter so she can be all snug and warm but stick her head out for viewing and snacks.

All Covered Up with Ruby and Ginger

This gorgeous cosy car seat cover comes from Ruby and Ginger and costs just £25.

Snug as a bug….but as safe as possible

…isn’t that what parents want for their little ones?

Tog rated at 3+, the original Cosy Car Seat Cover keeps baby warm and protected from wind and other elements whilst also providing protection for baby’s head and face. Its elasticated fitting allows the Cosy Cover to slip easily on and off the car seat without disturbing baby and can be used whilst travelling in the car, or out and about on your travel system.

The design ensures baby’s safety harnesses can be tightened correctly, that you can always have a secure grip on the handle, whilst the V window allows you to see baby easily.

It has been widely reported that wearing bulky padded clothing whilst travelling in car seats increases the risk of injury should there be an accident, and our cosy cover provides a safe solution whilst maintaining comfort and warmth.

Fitting all standard group 0 car seats including Maxi Cosi, Gracco and Britax.

The Cosy Cover can be used in conjunction with most car seat rain covers and comes with a practical cotton storage bag.
Protecting baby with style!

We actually use our cotton bag as a ‘snack sack’ which Esther and William both love to carry when we are out as it is full of little treats for them to have whilst we are out and about.

The cosy car seat cover can be bought on its own or as part of a set called ‘Everything’s Covered!

Our ‘Everything’s Covered’ set is a tick list of essentials for a trip out. The matching Cosy Car Seat Cover, Nappy Purse, Travel Change Mat and Toy Tie are perfect for parents on the go and also make a thoughtful and practical new baby gift.

The Nappy Purse, Travel Change Mat and refillable wipes case provides parents on the go with a compact and convenient way to carry everything they need for changing. It can be discreetly slipped into a handbag or pocket, removing the need for the larger changing bags…

…the simple yet clever adjustable Toy Tie ensures favourite toys are safely secured to the stroller, avoiding the inevitable tears if lost.

Nappy Purse with mini change mat from Ruby and Ginger

The nappy purse is great for when Matilda and I go out alone and I don’t want to take a massive bag. It is also handy for keeping essential bits together in the house and for keeping Matilda’s necessaries separate from the twins’ in our family change bag. The nappy purse comes in a range of gorgeous fabrics just like all Ruby and Ginger products.

The mini change mat fits perfectly inside the purse along with the wipes holder and a couple of nappies. I also tend to keep a couple of breats pads in there for me. It is a very handy, multi purpose purse.

The ‘Everything’s Covered’ Set has certainly made things easier for Matilda and I in our early trips out, definitely less stressful for me. So many people have been impressed with the concept and this stunning range of baby accessories. I would just love for Ruby and Ginger to now make a matching breastfeeding cover and my yummy mummy look would be complete!

If you are looking for practical but pretty gifts for stylish mummies or mummies to be then you need look no further than Ruby and Ginger who also stock coordinating toddler or sibling gifts including this fabulous backpack. Esther in particular loves the bag and we will have a full review coming soon.

We have loved using our Ruby and Ginger baby products and have captured the attention of many admirers on our trips out. Fabulous products from a lovely and friendly company.

Ruby and Ginger provided me with one Everything’s Covered Set for the purposes of this review.

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