Tummy With Mummy Review: How Will You Use Yours?

This time two years ago Esther and William were two weeks old and two weeks through their two month NICU stay.

On the 59th day, the day we brought them home, their consultant impressed on us the importance of tummy time, not only for our premature tinies, but for all babies, everywhere

We are to do it every day, twice a day, for 5 minutes to start with. Babies need to be on their tummies with their elbows gently pushed in to stop them from having retracted shouders. Retracted shoulders can lead to problems with sitting in the future. Tummy time also helps to develop the muscles in the neck meaning that babies are able to lift their heads and hold them up for sustained periods of time. We also have to practice having the babies head in the midline and tracking, we do this using Elizabeth’s towel roll to support their head and shoulders and lying on their sides. For side lying the doctor suggested lying the twins facing each other and so encouraging them to interact with one another.

Being a new, first time Mummy to premature twins I took the doctor’s advice to heart and we did do tummy time every single day and I was creative with how and where we did it.

Esther and William loved tummy time and I am glad to say that Matilda Mae does too as it is so so so important for her development.

I cannot quite believe that I am saying this now but with Esther and William finding time and space to do tummy time sessions was easy. With Matilda it is not so easy to find a space that is safe from toddler hands and feet! Esther and William are everywhere and so Matilda needs a safe space to be and to play.

Tummy with Mummy provided us with exactly what we needed to make tummy time possible and safe in our busy house and particularly in our very busy playroom. Tummy with Mummy has helped to make tummy time an activity for all the family and it has created a range of possible ways for Matilda to enjoy tummy time with me, her siblings or on her own. Have a look at these x

Hello Mr Zebra!

Black and White

Talk to the Animals

Play Mates

The Horn on the Bus goes Beep Beep Beep

Brotherly Love

Down in the Jungle

The award winning Tummy With Mummy® is the world’s only foldaway baby & toddler seat with built in angled tummy time platform. It comes complete with a soft ‘fleece’ mat and safety harness, and takes the stress out of tummy time.

From the first time we introduced this platform to Matilda she just seemed to know what to do. She loves lying on it and it really does seem to improve her ability to spend time on her tummy comfortably. Her strength is growing everyday and her stamina too. She practises the motion needed for rolling on the platform and her legs are often kicking about as though she is building the strength they will need to crawl. This wonderful resource provides a full body workout for baby. I am a huge fan and have been so excited through the testing we have done for this review.

When it comes to infant development the team at Tummy with Mummy really know their stuff. They know the importance of tummy time for young babies and work actively to promote the message as well as their resource. The Tummy with Mummy blog is a great place to start if you want to discover why your baby should be spending time on their tummy every single day.

Tummy with Mummy provides a safe space, off the floor where Matilda can play on her tummy. It raises her up to a level where her siblings can talk to her and include her in their activities. It means that I can talk to Matilda whilst playing with the twins. It gives her enough height to look at toys attached to windows and walls in the playroom as well as those on the floor, she can come out the garden with us and watch Esther and William play. She can flick through a book and look at objects that we choose. The Tummy with Mummy provides a range of opportunities for creative physical exercise for a baby who is not yet on the move. I love that it gives other toys and activities a different context in which to be used.

Elefun in the Rainforest

Bonding with Bondie Bird

Matilda is quite a troublesome baby. She finds it hard to settle to sleep during the day and struggles to relax unless she is on a person. She suffers with painful wind and silent reflux making her a tricky baby to soothe. Using the Tummy with Mummy in recliner mode enables me to stay close to Matilda while encouraging her to relax on her own. She does like me to stay close but when I am she seems to enjoy lying back in her special chair.

Reclining with a Book

It also provides the perfect platform for posing for pretty pictures!!

How Cute Am I?

A week today we will be travelling to Devon for our family holiday and we will definitely be taking our Tummy with Mummy centre with us. It folds flat, wipes clean and provides Matilda with a place to play, to relax and to sit up. It will save us lots of space in the car and in our holiday home too. This three in one baby seat for me is now a baby essential.

I first shared our joy with our Tummy with Mummy activity centre over on This Baby Likes where I will continue to write monthly updates as to how we are using the baby development product. I hope that you will join us there x

In the meantime keep up to date with Tummy with Mummy through their blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

We were sent one Tummy with Mummy Baby Seat free of charge for the purposes of this review.

6 thoughts on “Tummy With Mummy Review: How Will You Use Yours?

  1. That looks great,fab that is raised so safer than her being on the floor with e and w running around and Matilda is at a fab position to watch her siblings running around.
    Looks like you are all doing well and Matilda settling in well x

  2. This product looks amazing! Wished I’d have bought one of these when Logan was little as he hated tummy time with a passion. Your little one sure looks comfortable and happy in the Tummy with Mummy :) Great post btw, love the photos.

  3. I have seen these and looked with interest, especially as Noah hated tummy time so I’m always looking for things to help with our new addition. Nice to read such a positive review.

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