A Mother’s Love

Today David and I are in London with Matilda Mae.

We are at a wedding.

Esther and William are entertaining Granny and Grandad at home.

I have been looking forward to this night away for ages.

I bought new shoes, a £240 dress.

The wedding was at 4.30pm.

By 9.15pm I was in my Melba nursing pyjamas snuggling up with Matilda Mae.

This is where I want to be.

Snuggled up with my baby in my arms.

I am missing the toddler twins too.

So why am I always seeking an escape?

I love lying here watching Matilda sleep.

She is so peaceful.

So tiny on the expanse of crisp white hotel sheets.

I am drinking her in and wishing we had more times like these.

Have I really missed out because I have never been a mother of one?

Her little hands are resting on my chest.

She keeps reattaching herself to me for a sleepy feed.

We could not be closer than we are in this moment.

It is beautiful.

I am totally and utterly in love.

There is nowhere I would rather be.

Though I would love to have my beautiful two with me here too.

I am going to read this post and remember this feeling when a day at home is hard

Because above all else

Is love

Love Me!!

7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

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  2. Jennie, I’m finding myself reading so many of your blog posts tonight, and with such a heavy heart trying to imagine your loss … Matilda Mae was such a beautiful little girl, and so obviously very loved!!! You have such wonderful memories here, and so many beautiful photographs of your little angel! I wish I could reach out and give you a big hug xx

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