13 thoughts on “Tilda Time!

  1. Oh Jennie, this is so beautiful. The song has made me smile and cry as I’m reminded of Matilda’s service. Most precious pictures, especially Matilda with the lights, my favourite and the traditional Henley star. Esther looks as though she had fun watching the stars xxx

  2. You are an inspiration to many people. A beautiful way to remember a beautiful and amazing angel. I wish I could change things and bring gorgeous Tilda back, just as many who follow you would.
    You have a lot of love coming your way xx

  3. This song has taken me right back to the service on the 7th March and I’m filled with a mixture of sadness and happiness. This is such a beautiful thing for you all to do. Sending love and hugs, as always xx

  4. I was never a fan of Take That but after hearing that song at Matilda’s little celebration… I cannot listen to it without seeing that cheeky smile and those beautiful eyes. What a lovely lovely way to remember her. I hope you have lots and lots of Tilda time again soon

  5. what a beautiful slideshow and what a beautiful way to remember your lovely Tilda…. sending you millions of hugs, wish our thoughts would make you feel better xx

  6. After first seeing your blog yesterday, I managed to find a few minutes to read a few of your posts about beautiful Matilda today. I’ve been so touched by how you’ve put your emotions into words and how you’re remembering your sweet, happy girl. I’m sure I’ll think of her the next time I see a star. Take care.

  7. just beautiful Jennie just sat here watching and listening to that song with my little boy he was blowing kisses to baby Tilda its just beautiful post jennie xx

  8. Hearing this takes me back to Tilda’s service- the love that filled the church, mingled with immense sadness, your and David’s strength, the beautiful photo montages, the sobs, occasionally broken by laughter at something super cute Matilda Mae, Esther and William had done. Bubbles and twinkle, twinkle little star will always make me think of your gorgeous Baby Tilda.

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