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  1. I have been a ‘lurker’ on your blog for months and today had to reply. I never knew you or Matilda Mae but I for one will not forget that beautiful little face and those amazing brown eyes. The legacy you are creating in her name will ensure no one ever forgets and that’s exactly as it should be. Me and my family are looking forward to the walk tomorrow. Take care xx

  2. She will never be forgotten. I belonged to a parenting forum when my seven-year-old was born, and several mummies tragically lost babies either to stillbirth, prematurity or SIDS. Seven years on, we are all friends on Facebook and we always remember their beautiful babies, taken too soon, especially on their anniversaries.

  3. I am sat here in tears. I have never met you but Jennie I wish with all my heart that I could turn clocks back but I want you to know that I will never ever ever forget about Tilda, in her short life she has had a massive impact on our family with how we do things etc. Even today Ruby looked up at the sky and said she could see Tilda up on a cloud, Ruby often talks to me about her and asks me to pray with her for you and your family. Sending you lots of love xx

  4. She won’t be forgotten. You don’t know me, but my little man and I wish MM ‘night night’ everynight when we say goodnight to the world at bedtime. Sending you all my love and thoughts x

  5. Jennie, rest assured that I will never forget Tilda. Not a day has gone by since 3rd Feb, when I heard the news, that I haven’t thought about her and you. I think of her every time TC does something new. We shared our pregnancies lovely, I can never forget her as she was Matilda Mae long before she was born. I’m going to plant a tree/flower in memory of her when we move next month and I will ALWAYS remember her. I promise xx

  6. She is engrained on our hearts more deeply than you know, because of your wonderful blog and because of who you are and because of who she was. I wish so hard that I had had the chance to meet her and hold her myself, even though I know that would make this path I’m on now, following your blog and your story, more painful than it is now, I still wish I had, because I think she would have been worth it for just one cuddle! I don’t think I could forget her if I tried. xxx

  7. I never met your gorgeous baby Tilda but I will never forget your family’s story. She was such an amazing little girl, her personality shines through each and every picture.

  8. I promise she will not be forgotten here. She was the same age as my son, who also loves In The Night Garden. Every time he claps his hands and squeals with glee at the intro, my heart breaks for your family. Your words and actions have truly imprinted her life on the hearts of many.

  9. oh Jennie, people might not tell you every day but I assure you your beautiful baby girl and your family are in our thoughts always. I remember the day I read your tweet about Matilda. I was at a play place I go to regularly with my family at a weekend. I read and re read your tweet in disbelief. I think of you often as I am sure many people do, all those thoughts about your beautiful angel will always be there floating up to her in heaven.

    I’m so so sorry you have such terrible grief.

    Much love. xxxxx

  10. It is almost impossible to forget beauty & Matilda Mae was truly beautiful. Every year on 2nd February as we celebrate Toby’s birthday I will never ever forget that your hearts are aching. Not just on this day though as your little girl & you remain in my head & heart every single day xxx

  11. Jennie, I don’t know you or your family but as others have said, there hasn’t been a day gone by since you lost your beautiful girl that I haven’t thought about her. My best friend lost his baby girl 7 years ago, and she is still remembered, with love and tears by those close to her parents, and she always will be. Your gorgeous baby girl will always be remembered xxxx

  12. I have never met her, but will always remember her journey. Last year i didnt know there were walks for the Lullaby charity , that the are so many lives are affected by SIDS. I have done all the precautions of course with my kids, but your blog, your story and your little angle did show a very different angle to all of this. She will never be forgotten, especially that you are making sure of that as her fantastic and loving mum.

  13. Jennie there is NO WAY whatsoever I will ever forget Tilda. I promise you that. I can remember every little bit about the day I heard your devastating news and I will never forget standing in that church speaking at her goodbye. All the work you are doing… nobody will forget her. How can they?

  14. I can only echo what others have said on here Jennie – I have never met you, I never met Matilda but I feel like I have. Not a day has gone by over these last few months that I haven’t thought about you, your family and little Matilda. She really has found a place in my heart, if that doesn’t sound too strange. If I had just one wish I know what it would be and I would wish it in a second. Keep talking about her, keep writing about her. She will never be forgotten. I know too that this is no consolation really but I hope that you might find some comfort from all these lovely comments. xx

  15. We will never forget her. I think of her every day. Whenever I see something pink and purple or stars of blow bubbles. Every time I write a blog post and every time I do messy play with Potato. It’s not just her legacy that will live on, but her memory too. You beautiful baby girl has touched too many people to fade away xx

  16. I don’t know you but I think about baby Tilda all the time, especially when I’m blowing bubbles for my daughter. She really was so beautiful, I love that last picture of her. She couldn’t be forgotten when so many people are holding her in their hearts.

    Best wishes for the walk x

  17. We have never met but your tragedy has affected me deeply. I think of you daily and check twitter to see how you are. I am attempting messy play with my toddler girls and I check on them much more regularly than I used to whilst they are asleep. My daughter’s favourite song is twinkle star and every time she sings it I think of your precious star. We regulary blow bubbles and again at this time you are all in our thoughts. Your blog has been inspirational reading at how to cope in the most horrific of situations. I do hope you find peace and I promise I will never forget

  18. How can any of us who have followed Matilda Mae’s story forget her? The beautiful photos you share, her gorgeous smile and cheeky face are etched on my memory forever. I was only thinking this morning that not a day goes by when I don’t wake up thinking of baby Tilda, or I don’t think of you all or shed a tear for you. And this afternoon, I even heard my seven year old daughter telling her friend about baby Matilda Mae who went to sleep for too long and about how it makes her sad and makes mummy cry. We have never met Jennie, and I never had the pleasure of cuddling Matilda Mae, but like many others here tonight I know I won’t forget her – ever.

    And we’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow and sending so much love to you all – including Baby Tilda in the sky…

  19. I can’t imagine blowing a bubble again without thinking of your beautiful daughter. Trust me, she will never be forgotten, you have all touched so many people’s lives x

  20. I’ve never met you – connected with this page via Tamsyn Wood on FB – but I saw your post today and my heart went out to you. It is early days yet on this journey you weren’t expecting. I just wanted you to know that you won’t forget, you can’t forget. The way you relate to the memories changes, and that feels scary, but your little one is part of you and always will be. Nothing can change that. I know it’s true – my treasure Matthew died over 20 years ago but is still a very real part of our family. I hope it helps to know that I’m praying for you.

  21. We’ve never met but through your blog, stories and photos I feel like I “know” Matilda. She was an absolute beauty and I think of her and your family every day. You have done so much already to raise awareness for SIDS. I promise I will never forget Matilda Mae. Her legacy will live on and in all that you do. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  22. Today is the first time I’ve ever met you and Matilda Mae, here at your blog. I followed a link from caterpillar tales, and now it’s 2am and I have been here for hours, reading everything, not missing a single blog post, crying and crying for your pain and your baby girl gone from your side. I can’t imagine ever forgetting her, even though I’m a stranger who just joined her story for the first time a few hours ago. I just wanted to tell you that, and how much Tilda has touched my heart already.

  23. Another lurker, will always hold your beautiful baby close to my heart, can’t imagine the pain you are going through. Thinking of you and your family often xx

  24. We will never forget. We might not tweet as often, because we don’t know what to say and because we don’t want to make your grief harder. But just as my hubs best friend lost their little Mia to SIDS, little Tilda will be remembered also. For me I shall remember her every time I write poetry too, because of the one I wrote for you. I shall think of her every morning when the twins wake and every night, when I put them to bed.

    She is gone but never forgotten. and a piece of all our hearts will stay with you.

  25. Jennie I promise that noone will forget your beautiful little girl. Everytime we blow bubbles I think of you both. Everytime we sing twinkle twinkle I think of her beautiful smile. I know that this will always be the way. Lots of love to you xxxx

  26. I have read your blog from very soon after Matilda grew her wings, but have never known how to comment until now. Please believe me when I say that Matilda will never be forgotten. I never thought a blog could affect me so deeply. I remember her every time I put my son to bed, again mid evening when I check him (I never used to check him) and again in the night and am scared that he hasn’t stirred. I remember her whenever i log into my bloglovin and hope that you have posted pictures of her beautiful face and your beautful family. I remember her sometimes when that beautiful face and big brown eyes just pops into my head during the day and my heart aches for her and for you. I have never met you, I sadly never met her, I don’t even live in the same country as you – but I will never ever forget.

  27. I will never forget Tilda, and never stop praying for you and your family. You are firmly on my prayer list now and will remain there always. xxx

  28. I agree with all these lovely comments …. My youngest son is 10 months old and I know I will always think of your precious Tilda when I look at him, especially as he passes through the different milestones. It could so easily have been him, I feel the very least I can do is keep her memory alive at every opportunity. I also know how far word has already spread about messy play in her memory. People (including me) are throwing themselves into it and all because of the legacy you are leaving for her. By the way I think the book idea you had from a previous blog was excellent, I particularly loved the grieving through play idea, which would not only help many others but be a permanent tribute to her. The walk today was beautiful and the scent and colour of the bluebells was perfect x

  29. I think of baby Tilda whenever I look at the sky or when my little ones are blowing bubbles. Sometimes I whisper her name when I have days that are tough. I will never forget her or your family, she has a place in my heart.
    Jennie, please believe us, her legacy will live on xx

  30. I am a Canadian reader who has been following your page for awhile now. I have tears streaming down my face every time I read your posts and can assure you that I will never forget your sweet daughter with those lovely eyes. My heart breaks for you a million times over and the unfairness of your loss is staggering. I think of your family often when I am watching tv or doing my evening chores and thinking that I should pop up and check on my children just once more – I do so more frequently now because of your tragedy. I hope that time brings you peace and that you one day see your little girl again.

  31. Dear Jennie,

    As you can see from the delay in my posting, I catch up with your blog only sporadically but I wanted to add my voice to those above. I found your blog through a facebook link shortly after Matilda Mae died. I have never met you or your family, but every so often, Matilda Mae’s face (and her beautiful brown eyes) come into my mind and I look you up to see how you are getting on. Your lovely pictures of Matilda Mae have stayed with me and will continue to stay with me. My own little boy is four days older than her, and I thought of you and her on his birthday. Rest assured that Matilda Mae is remembered, not just by you and your family and friends, but by many of us who have never met you but have read your story and are unable to imagine the impact of your loss.

    Take care and keep writing about your beautiful baby.


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  33. Please,please never never think your Angel Tilda will be forgotten.
    I occasionally Lurke on your site to see pictures of Tilda Mae and in the hope their will be one I haven’t seen before.
    I think she’s a beautiful, timeless treasure and you are so lucky to be her Mummy.
    I’ll never forget her and find myself telling people of her and indeed her family!
    I like all the pictures you put on the site and I think Bea is a beauty too.
    Esther and William are getting so grown up too.
    Will keep watching and reading thru 2016.
    Take it eezy-breezy

  34. I know this is a post you wrote a few years ago and I don’t comment often, but I wanted to tell you… Tilda will never be forgotten. I think of you and her often. Sending you love xxx

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