Sorry Tale Conclusion Part 2: A Long Long Way To Go (26th August)

Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks pregnant

I already look about 6 months

Mostly because i never really lost my Tilda bump

There is something comforting about that

But I also just look fat

So far I have had no sickness

Some nausea when I have not eaten enough

Some dizziness especially very early on

I am not feeling excessively tired

Though we are on holiday at the moment

And going to bed 2 hours before we usually would

I am looking forward to getting home

Having a scan

It has crossed my mind many times

That there is every chance this baby does not have a heartbeat yet

May not get one at all

I should not get my hopes up too much yet

Not until i have seen that tiny white flicker on a screen

And even then there is still a long long long way to go

A long long way to go!

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