Here We Are!

Standing on the shores of Ullswater

Falling in love with David all over again

The brisk breeze across the lake

Seeing David do what he loves best

On the water

His own father by his side

As he lifts his children

Our children

On to a rowing boat

And heads out over the waves


The sun glints on the water

Like millions of sparkling stars

The brilliant blue

Bordered by mountains

Laced with trees

Black and green

In the light of the day

The fells stand together

Giving a feeling of safety

Of being enclosed


And as I smile

With love and pride

I taste the salt of my silent tears

I look down at the shore beside me

Thinking I feel her there

Certain I feel a little hand in mine

Looking over the water

At the rowing boat where she should be

A tiny, chubby, slightly sandy hand

A Baby, perhaps, Toddler Tilda hand

Accompanied by the kicks

Of her Rainbow Baby sister

Both holding me close



As I stand by the lake

Feeling peaceful

Feeling blessed with this family of mine

Feeling frightened and excited

For what is to come

Feeling loved

And in love with this family of mine

And just look what love has done


In spite of it all

We are still standing

Still smiling

Still swimming

Not drowning

In spite of it all

Here we are

Here we are!

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