Matilda Mae Memory Garden

I am finding myself in Tilda’s garden every day

Sometimes I am not aware of getting there

I just find myself there

mm garden

Baby Tilda’s garden

It is one of the first things I look at everyday

The front room where we eat breakfast

Overlooks her little garden

the garden

It is filled with flowers

Bugs and birds

It is filled with stars

A rainbow of stars

It is filled with promise and hope

rainbow stars

I am so grateful to David’s Mum


For all the work she does

In memory of Matilda Mae

Making her garden such a very special place to be

forget me not

Tilda’s garden is beautiful in the Spring time

As we approach her birthday

The anniversary of her ashes setting sail

As our hearts are heavy with death

Our baby’s garden comes to life







Every day it changes and grows

Star bursts of colour

Erupt from the soil

Shouting ‘We love you!’ to the sky

To our baby in the sky




I decided soon after Tilda died

To make her a garden

So many people have helped to make that wish

That dream come true

Matilda Mae

This is for you

We love you

pink and purples

This is where we remember you

From here we shout your name

And blow bubble kisses to the sky

This is where we think of you

And dream of being with you again

Dream of our family being complete again

magic memories

We love you and we miss you Matilda Mae

We write your name in the stars and the sand

We paint your beautiful skies

As you paint the skies for us

You are always in all we do

I hope you know how much we miss you

How much we love you

Matilda Mae

garden and sky

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3 thoughts on “Matilda Mae Memory Garden

  1. What a beautiful thing for you all to treasure. I love the way you write with so much love and hope for all your dreams of Matilda-Mae. My heart aches for your family of your loss, you seem like such a strong unit to get through it together, remembering her with all your soul. Xxxxx

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