We Love You Daddy

My children are incredibly lucky

They have their Daddy in their life all the time

He is a very clever Daddy

A hands on Daddy

He does more than his fair share of jobs around the house

And he knows how to have fun

David and I are very much a team

We are equals in our parenting roles

I do not know how I would cope without him

It is wonderful having him here

Doing all he does

But mostly I just enjoy his company

We all do

We love all the times we are all together

We know we are lucky to have that time

Hot Wheels has been celebrating the important role

Fathers’ play in their children’s lives

Their new campaign reminds dads of their childhood

Celebrates their connection with their children

And champions the value of playing together

Our Daddy does not need asking twice to play

He loves woodland walks and jungle adventures


He loves making ramps and catapults


He loves to swing and climb and slide


He loves maps and boats and treasure hunts


He loves trains and tracks and wheels

Hot Wheels!


This Fathers’ Day we tried Hot Wheels for the very first time

Daddy, Esther and William worked together to build the tracks

And then they played together

And it was magical to see

And to capture moments of tenderness like this one

magic moments

David is a daddy with imagination

David is a daddy with a big heart

David is a daddy to look up to

David is a daddy to respect and admire

I am so grateful that my children

Have such a creative, courageous and loving Daddy

And a Daddy who will never be too old

Or too busy to play!


We love you Daddy

We love you so so much

mads 15

We were sent one Hot Wheels set worth £20 for the purpose of this post

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