Best Baby Toys 3 – 6 Months Old

Play is important for babies from birth

Their greatest toy is you

They love to cuddle you

Be held by you

Study you

Feel you close

Interacting with you and others is important throughout the first year

Infants like to smile, look, and laugh

Older babies enjoy games such as peekaboo and itsy-bitsy spider

Edie is just starting to engage with this kind of game

Especially with her siblings

2017-08-11 15.28.19

Play is very important for your baby

Their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth

It’s your baby’s way of learning about their body and the world

2017-08-11 15.32.45

They will use all five senses to do it

Especially in the first year

To make play more exciting

To facilitate play involving all the senses

It is a good idea to have a box or basket of toys

I have shared the toy collection we used for Edie

From 0 – 3 months

And now I would like to share with you

Edie’s 3 – 6 months toy box

These toys are added to the original collection

Additions not replacements

As carefully chosen toys will grow with your baby

And provide opportunities for the whole family to play


And who could resist playing with someone so cute?

2017-08-19 13.41.37-1-1

Edie’s 3 – 6 Month Toy Box


Silk Scarves

There are so many ways to play with these beautiful scarves

They may seem expensive initially

But their play value and longevity in your family life is immense

From early games of peekaboo

Changing baby’s visual perception through colour

Stimulating baby’s sense of touch

You can wrap baby in these silks

Hang them for baby to look at

Wrap other toys in them to be discovered

Put them in an old tissue box to be pulled out and pushed back in

Over and over again

Long beyond your baby’s first year

They will still play with these beautiful silks

Playsilks are the most versatile toy there is, besides a box and stick!

They are a natural prop for anything you can imagine:

hot lava/a fire

a cape, skirt, genie pants

a headdress veil

grass to feed your horse, water to sail a boat on

a doll carrier

soup to stir in a pot

a scarf to dance with

Peek-a-boo a baby

tie on a stick to make a flag

take on trips to play in the car and hotel rooms

hide under one

the possibilities are only limited by your imagination-and kids have plenty of that!

You can buy cheaper scarves

But they will not wash and dry aswell

They will not last as long

And the colour may run if baby sucks or chews them

ALL my children have done this with cheaper scarves over the years

Now I buy quality and know that though I buy with baby in mind

These silks will grow with my children

Be used by all of them

In so many open ended, imaginative ways

You can buy yours at One Hundred Toys



Babies love mirrors

And once again these are toys that will grow with your child

And can be used with older children

We have lots of glass mirrors in our home

Bought with sensory play in mind

Esther loves to build small worlds on mirrors

We use them for drawing self portraits in art

We use them for work on reflections and symmetry

For Edie

Mirrors are for learning about faces and expressions

A mirror is a way for her to become familiar with her own face

Mirrors are a great tool for tummy time

I have ordered two mirrors especially for Edie

Though I am certain that Bea will like them too

This pretty owl mirror


And this Manhattan Mirror with black and white images on the reverse


These play mirrors provide perfect visual stimulation

And can be used to help babies learn to focus on and track objects

The owl mirror would also look lovely out on display

The Manhattan Mirror can be used as a pram toy or in the car

We love mirrors in our house and our play

Space Blanket

This is a silver foil blanket

Most widely known as an emergency blanket

Used for rescue missions and sports events

For a baby

This is a form of extreme sensory play

2017-08-19 18.47.19-1

The sight, sound and feel when lying on this blanket

Can be quite an intense experience for baby

Edie loves to play on her tummy on her blanket

But I do keep each activity time short

So as to avoid sensory overload

Look at this!

Space blanket sensory overload! #babyplay #babysensory #sensoryplay #baby #play #foilblanket #emergencyblanket

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The space blanket can be used as a play surface

Or as a canopy for baby to lie beneath

Try shining light through different coloured scarves

At the foil

Use with twinkling fairy lights

The blanket is great for a game of Peekaboo

Sit baby up with their legs on or beneath the foil

Let them enjoy the shiny, reflective material

And hear the crinkly, crunchy sounds

Rattles and Bells

2017-08-18 18.02.15

Rattles and bells are fabulous toys for babies from birth

At 3 months baby may be able to hold a rattle themselves

They will begin to understand cause and effect

Watching a rattle is great for focus and tracking

Potential play possibilities are plentiful

With pretty rattles and bells

One Hundred Toys offers a lovely collection

We love our Grimms Star Rattle


Edie has some lovely plastic sensory balls from Infantino

2017-08-18 18.04.18 HDR

We have also collected some great wooden discovery balls over the years

Including four from Haba

These are very pretty to look at

And each make a different gentle sound

The Infantino balls are great for grabbing and chewing

Exploring with little hands and mouths

They are also great for painting with

A rainy day play for any older kids

2017-08-18 18.03.45

Building Blocks

Edie has been passed down some super blocks from B Toys

They are stackable



And chewable!

2017-08-18 17.55.08-1

We seem to have lost a couple of numbers

So am hoping to replace them

And also get the Elemenosquueze set

From Father Christmas

Stacking Cups

My friend bought these cups for Edie from Ikea

They are great for stacking


Also for banging together

Filling and emptying

Water play

Including, of course, in the bath

2017-08-18 17.58.02


The Skwish is a woooden rattle and teething toy

It is fascinating to look at

Easy to grab and hold

It Skwishes and returns to its original shape

With beads that slide and rattle

2017-08-18 18.00.26

Lamaze Cuddlies

Have you met Mr Octopus?

2017-08-18 17.58.52

Little Miss Dragon?

2017-08-18 18.02.50

We love Lamaze toys and have had many over the years

I wrote this about our loyal Lamaze friends

Almost seven years ago

We love these toys because they are bright and colourful, they provide a range of activities, textures, concepts and experiences in one toy. You can reinvent the use of each toy depending on the age of your child. I am a big one for differentiation being a primary school teacher! At the moment William likes things that can go in his mouth for a chew and each of these toys has a teething ring or in the case of Mr Octopus, seahorse! Very swish! When Esther first started making chatting sounds it was to Mr Octopus that she spoke, nopw she can often be found hosting her own little chat show with her Lamaze toys and can become quite insulted when they do not talk straight back! These toys have provided hours of entertainment already at this early age and I know that we have lots more fun to come with these. They are definitely our top buy as they are fun for all of us and can also offer me some rest when they prefer the company of their toy than their Mummy!!!

Mr Octopus and Little Miss Dragon are both still well loved

And going strong

Fabric Books

Chewable indestructable books

Black and white

High contrast

Bright colours

Books for babies

To develop vocabulary as babies listen to book talk

And to provide visual stimulation

2017-08-18 18.09.53-1

Grimms Rainbow

SO many ways to play

A whole other blog post

Coming soon!

2017-08-18 17.59.12

Halilit Baby Band Instruments

It is time to shake rattle and roll

These instruments are super safe for babies to handle

Brightly coloured

Easy to grab, hold and play

Safe to mouth

Put on some music

And play along!

2017-08-18 18.09.02-1

Lilliputiens Discovery Duck

I am not sure if you can get this toy anymore

But we love him

Squeak his beak

Open up like a book

Discover water creatures inside

Peek into the mirror

Feel the different shapes and textures

Lots for baby to see, do and discover

2017-08-18 18.00.07-2

2017-08-18 17.59.54-1

Matilda Mae’s Butterfly

This was part of a tummy time toy that Tilda had

It lived in Bea’s toy basket for the longest time

And has now been passed to Edie

A memory of Matilda Mae

2017-08-18 17.58.35

Pretty Pram Toy

Every baby girl needs a pretty pram string

To focus on when on the move

I cannot remember the make of this one

Which belonged to Tilda and then Bea

But it is beautiful and I love it

2017-08-18 17.57.16-2

B Toys Snug Bugs

Super cute snap together bugs

Pop them together

Pop them apart



Loveable (Not everything crawly is creepy)

2017-08-18 17.56.57-1

B Toys Rain Rush

This is a gorgeous wooden toy

All my children adore this

Wooden marbles

Fall through the maze

Making a satisfying clunky rain sound

Great for rolling

Great for grabbing, holding

Twisting and turning

Lovely to look at

Lovely to hear

A super sensory toy

And looks great out on display

2017-08-20 17.34.02-2

DIY Discovery Bottles

We are having great fun making sensory bottles for Edie

And discovery bottles for Bea

Easy to make

So many varieties to try

Ongoing open ended play

2017-08-12 17.26.10-3

Here are our most used baby toys

Our basket of play things from 3 – 6 months

We are looking forward to sharing with you

Lots of different ways to play

In our ongoing Baby Play series

Here on the blog and over on our You Tube channel


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