Baby Play: One Hundred Toys and Mobiles

I have recently discovered an amazing online toy shop

I want to buy EVERYTHING that they sell

And have in fact started making my way through the list

The shop shares my passion for quality toys

Open ended play

Learning through play

The company is passionate about learning

And shares their list of the 100 toys

Games and fun things to do that every child

From birth to five should experience

I am making my way through their list

And sharing some of my favourite toys

Games and things to do

For each number from 1 – 100

The first thing on this list of essentials

Is you!






Anyone who bonds and interacts with your baby

Read more about how and why you are your baby’s first and most important toy here

Number two on The One Hundred Toys list is Mobiles

Many parent choose mobiles that complement their nursery style

Mobiles that play soothing lullabies

That look pretty

A mobile can also be a great way to help baby

Develop their visual discrimination skills

For this a mobile needs to be striking

Made up of strong colours and contrasting patterns

Ideally for newborns a mobile should be black and white

At least in part

Here are five of my favourites

Manhattan Toy Company Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile

I love this Mobile

I bought one from Amazon for Bea for about £20

You can buy it from The One Hundred Toys

I know with Bea I thought it was one of the best £20 I had spent

She loved the black and white patterns and pictures

She would stare at them

Study them

Reach for them

Once she was old enough the cards hanging from the mobile

Could be reversed and swapped

For more detailed patterns and coloured pictures

I have not been able to find it for Edie

Which is a real shame as though it is not the prettiest mobile

It is probably the best for baby development

And learning through play


Haba Rainbow Ball Mobile

I am a little bit obsessed with rainbows and stars

Because of Matilda Mae and my rainbow babies

Also the name Esther means star

And Mae means star of the sea

For those reasons I think rainbow mobiles

And those with stars are rather magical

This Haba mobile is quite simple really

But is as much a piece of modern art

As it is a mobile to hang from the ceiling

The balls move in the air

And the movement can be tracked by baby

Providing visual stimulation


Ella and Boo Cloud and Star Mobile

This is a beautiful handmade mobile

It can be made in your chosen colours

So you can create the stark contrast that babies need

To develop their visual discrimination skills


Skip Hop Cloud Baby Mobile

This is a beautiful mobile

With all the wonders of modern technology

The Skip Hop Cloud Baby Mobile plays lullabies

Nature sounds

And the ever popular white noise

It has toys hanging from clouds

And projects stars on to the ceiling

This is all singing and all dancing

And does many lovely things

While looking perfect for any modern nursery

This has made my list of favourites

Because our gorgeous little Edie loves her Skip Hop gym

It is fast becoming our baby play product brand of choice

And their products are affordable too


Taf Toys MP3 Stereo Owl Mobile

This is a modern wonder

The Taf Toys MP3 Stereo Owl Mobile

A mobile with woodland toys hanging for baby to see

A light show for baby to watch

Soothing sounds played through an MP3 player

That can be detached and used by older babies

As a personal sound system!

This made me smile

Someone has had fun designing this

It looks beautiful

Is filled with fun

And is a product that grows with your child

I love owls!

Do you?


I know I said five favourites

But I would like to mention these two mobiles too

The first is a mini mobile from Tiny Love


We have this for Edie

And she loves it

She plays with it while lying in her carry cot

Or sitting up in her car seat

She has just started grabbing the toys too

It keeps her busy for ages and she loves it

2017-08-19 13.54.17 HDR

Grimm’s Rainbow Garden Mobile

And mobiles are not just for inside

You can hang them in the garden too

I am going to buy this Grimm’s Rainbow one

For Baby Tilda’s memory garden

It is perfect for us to use in our play

To remember Matilda Mae


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