Going On A Nature Hunt with Twinkl

We are incredibly lucky to live where we live

Our tiny village is surrounded by fields and woodland

We live very close to lots of lovely National Trust properties

And other stately homes and gardens

Our nearest visitor attraction

Which can be reached with a lovely walk from our front door

Through woods, meadows and fields

Is Leeds Castle

And we spend A LOT of time there

leeds castle

It is a super safe place for children to run free

It has magnificent coffee and cake

ducks and geese

An army of geese, ducks and swans

A maze, two play areas

A castle

And all sorts of hidden treasures

2017-09-02 12.04.12

2017-09-02 12.05.55 HDR

We adore Leeds Castle and recently have been finding ways

To look at a place we know so well

With different eyes

2017-09-02 10.29.41-1

The first thing that we did

Was take along a scavenger hunt sheet

That I printed from Twinkl Resources

2017-09-02 09.30.26

This helped us to look much closer at areas of the castle grounds

We are often guilty of rushing through

leeds lake

We looked high and low

We explored with our five senses

Looking for things with different colours, scents, textures and shapes

leeds bees

We played I Spy with the objects on the printed sheet

And in doing so found so much more

Than what we were looking for

i spy sheet

It was a lovely way

To make somewhere familiar

Seem almost brand new

bea hunt

The activity so simple in structure

So easy to carry out

Got us really talking as a family

About all the things that we found

leeds hunt

What we touched

What we could smell

What we saw

We had a really wonderful family day

family knots

Esther and William were really engaged with the activity

Age 7

And so was Bea

Age 3

sisters at leeds

We went on a nature hunt

It was such a beautiful day

And we will definitely be doing it again

leeds hurrah

Here are some of the highlights from our day

I only wish that every day

Could be just as perfect as this one

william at leeds

bea hunt

maze princess

esther hunt


yellow bee

“Just a perfect day, problems all left alone.”
― Lou Reed, Perfect Day

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