4 No Carve Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin with Toddlers

Last Sunday we spent a lovely couple of hours

Picking Pumpkins

2017-10-08 11.40.53-1

The sun was shining

It was Daddy’s birthday

We filled our barrow to bursting

With far too many pumpkins

Of all colours, shapes and sizes

2017-10-08 11.44.29-2

So for the next two weeks

We are going to be focusing on pumpkin play

We have started already

Exploring ways for little people

To decorate their pumpkins

2017-10-08 12.04.39-2

Here are 4 No Carve Ways

For little people

To decorate their pumpkins

2017-10-08 12.00.56-2

1. Elastic Bands
The first way we decorated our smallest pumpkins

Was to cover them with coloured elastic bands

2017-10-18 15.49.15

Bea found this quite tricky

But the coloured bands

Look very pretty stretched around the pumpkins

2017-10-18 15.49.11-2

2. Push Pins and Bands

With slightly larger pumpkins

We pushed coloured pins into them

And used them as geo boards

2017-10-17 14.08.51-1

2017-10-17 14.10.27-2

2017-10-17 14.11.13-1

Using our coloured elastic bands again

To create pictures and patterns

2017-10-17 14.12.20-1

This was a fun sensory experience

Positioning the pins

2017-10-17 14.22.38-1

Piercing the pumpkin skin

And changing the shapes of the bands

2017-10-17 14.22.42-1

3. Paint and Glitter

After removing all the push pins

We decided to paint our pumpkins

2017-10-17 14.30.22

Bea created a Frozen World Pumpkin

2017-10-17 14.33.53

Esther a Magical Rainbow Pumpkin

2017-10-17 14.44.36

And William a Poison Apple Pumpkin

2017-10-17 14.34.28

The process was fun

And the end products are not too bad either

2017-10-17 14.48.08

pumpkin title

4. Story Stickers

This fourth idea

Is one that we actually did last year

We created a Room on the Broom

Story Pumpkin

Photo 30-10-2016, 15 41 43 (1)

Using stickers

This was like a story map

Photo 30-10-2016, 15 43 12

We used it to retell the Julia Donaldson story

And to act out scenes from the book

Photo 30-10-2016, 15 45 32 (1)

This is a lovely way to share a seasonal story

In a fun and creative way

Photo 30-10-2016, 15 46 26

We are having such fun with our pumpkins this year

Do watch out this weekend

For more of our pumpkin activities

And some super simple ideas for pumpkin play

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