All I Want For Christmas Is … A Scooter

Esther and William will be 7 this Christmas

7 years and 5 months old

Esther has decided that this year for Christmas

She would like a scooter

Esther and William have never really been into scooting

They have each owned two scooters

But have never really got on with them

Esther this year is asking for a two wheeled scooter

That you steer by turning the handle

Not by leaning from side to side

She has her original My First Scooter

All rusted

It is 5 years old and has not been well looked after

But she is really too tall for it now

And would like something new

And so on behalf of Father Christmas!!

I have been researching scooters for 7 year olds

And drawn up a list

Scooters and accessories

For 7 year old girls and boys

The Y Drifter A3 looks a lot of fun

But is not really what Esther has asked for

scooter 1

This PUKY scooter has a retro style which I like

And we love the balance bikes the twins have from this brand

I am not sure that Esther would appreciate this design though?

puky scooter

I think this might be the scooter for Esther

The Raspberry Floral Sprite from Micro Scooters

She would love the steering

And the design

It is not too badly priced either

scooter floral

I think she might like a glitter pink helmet too

scooter helmet

To go with her sparkly purple DMs

The girl has got style!

I can just see her

Zooming through the streets on her scooter

Leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes

esther sparkle

Does your little one have a scooter?

Which one do they have?

Do they own any must have accessories

That Esther might need?

All she wants for Christmas is … a scooter

This is a collaborative post

2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is … A Scooter

  1. We have both types – the Flikr 3 wheeler (but sized for a 10 yr old) and a ‘normal’ metal stunt scooter like the micro scooter (but it is a Razor). The Razor is used daily and is still in 1 piece 3 years on (it was 2nd hand for us too), and the Flikr is used regularly and is great fun – but not so good for walks through towns etc as it is very wide! Boy tends to use the Flikr for just playing outside on, rather than for walks.
    Hope this helps!

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