SmartGlobe Adventure AR – Review

Anyone who knows William

Or follows me on social media

Will know that he is map mad

My geography boy

He loves the world we live in

Wants to explore every inch of it

And his geographical knowledge

Is better than mine

He is 7

2017-10-18 08.06.36

This is a boy with a hunger for knowledge

He feeds on facts and figures

The SmartGlobe Adventure AR was made for him

For all children like him

And since the day it arrived

He has not put it down

2017-10-21 08.34.19

This is an educational toy

That provides a perfect way for children

To learn through play

At first David and I were unsure

As to why this electronic globe

Would be better than the standard globes

We already own

Combined with reference books

And / or a laptop

2017-10-21 08.35.35

William has an ordinary globe

And also one that switches from a view of Earth

To a map of the night sky

And now he has a SmartGlobe Adventure AR

And we now know why it is better than any standard globe

Thought it is not totally without glitches

Here is our review

SmartGlobe Adventure AR

SmartGlobe Adventure takes young explorers on a journey of planet Earth. They can use the Smart Learning Pen included to learn about continents, countries, geography, cultures, age-appropriate world topics and much more in this bi-lingual interactive Adventure globe offering 19 English and six French language activities.

In addition, you can use tablet or smartphone and our dedicated APP to unlock 3D Augmented Reality features, including landscapes, animals, landmarks and even dinosaurs!

The globe is very easy to use

The Smart Pen takes a little getting used to

The end needs to be placed flat against the surface of the globe

A light but firm touch is needed

But once you have got it

Everything else is easy and self explanatory

2017-10-21 08.24.36-1

William had no problem navigating the various activities

And playing the games

The globe comes ready to use

Which is a huge plus point for me

As it would be awful to be given this exciting gadget

And not be able to explore and play

The globe takes 3 AA batteries

It shuts down after a few minutes of not being used

You can control the volume

But there is not a headphone socket

Which I think is an oversight

The globe is so fantastic

The quizzes and games so addictive

The electronic music so infectious

I think the ability to use headphones

Would be really really good!

There is so much to learn with this globe

Where countries are located

Continents and oceans

The main language of each country

And how to say hello in that language

You can learn about national anthems

And compare areas and populations

William loves making comparisons

He loves learning the amazing facts about each country

This is a great resource for independent learning

The games are addictive

And make for great family fun

William challenges everyone who visits to beat his score

On ‘Find and Touch’

There is one problem with the games for William

The countries you are tasked with finding

Are in the same order each time

William now knows the order

And touches the country before the name is given

The boy is a memory machine!

We have not yet had time to explore the AR (augmented reality) aspect

At the moment we are getting more than enough

Value for money from the interactivity of the globe and smart pen

(The globe costs £59.99

And is available on Amazon)

William loves playing alone

He has also been busy teaching Bea where different continents and countries are

She is 3

And the SmartGlobe is helping her to find different places around the world

2017-10-21 08.25.08

This would be a wonderful Christmas gift

For any child aged 5 and over

With an interest in the world

And geography

Also great pub quiz trainer I think

So could be a good gift for adults too

We have had such fun exploring our globe

And there is no one better to demonstrate

The delight and knowledge we have discovered

With this interactive globe

Than William

He has the whole world in his hands!

We were sent one SmartGlobe Adventure AR for the purpose of this review

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