Mi-Mic Sounds Nice: Review and Giveaway

My mic sound nice, check one
My mic sound nice, check two
My mic sound nice, check three

Did you have a karaoke song when you were younger?

Perhaps you have one now?

My public karaoke days are over

But I used to love singing



Connie Francis

Now my singing is more hymns

And nursery rhymes

A bit of Moana

And all done behind closed doors

With my children my admiring audience

2017-10-07 14.32.01

We have been having THE BEST fun

Checking out the Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone and Speaker

What a feeling!

2017-10-07 14.36.39

The Mi-Mic Bluetooth karaoke speaker allows you to play any song direct from your device

From your phone, tablet or laptop

You can put your favourite tune on and sing along

2017-10-07 14.39.10

You can get extra creative by adding an echo effect and distortions to your vocal

This is wonderful for singing

And brilliant for story telling

We use the Mi-Mic all the time

For singing along to Disney songs

Moana solos

And nursery rhymes

The sound effects also make the microphone

Perfect for commentating on Quidditch matches

And telling tall tales

As well as sound

The Mi-Mic has lights

Beat matching LED lights

Which add an extra element of fun

My children love to entertain

Love to put on a show

So the Mi-Mic is a perfect present for them

Mi-Mic has FF/RW/Pause/Play buttons and volume controls

All important volume controls!

Turned up to full volume you can use the microphone as a conventional Bluetooth speaker

2017-10-07 13.38.18

This is a multi-purpose tool

For little karaoke queens

And those of us who used to be

Those of us with our own karaoke song

If you know someone

Who would like a Mi-Mic this Christmas

You can buy the Toyrific microphone

From any good toy store and from Amazon

The Mi-Mic is available from Smyths Toys

To make the toy more affordable this festive season

Smyths Toys discount codes are often available

To help one reader out a little more this Christmas

The team at Toyrific

Have given me one Mi-Mic to giveaway

For UK readers only

Who would you like to win it for?

Good luck!

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162 thoughts on “Mi-Mic Sounds Nice: Review and Giveaway

  1. I would love to win this for my daughter daphne who’s 5, and then when she’s at school… who knows who may end up using it (that would be me)

  2. ‘Twinkle twinkle yittle star’ <3 Too cute, my daughter used to say that too. Your girls are getting so big Jennie!

    I would love to win this for my 5 and 4 year old granddaughters. They both love singing and like it when mum records them so they can watch themselves back. I don't think they would ever put this down!

  3. It would be loads of fun to have with the grandkids. Would certainly keep them busy when im on babysitting duty. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  4. my 4 year old niece Harmony loves singing so would love to win for her (and I suspect her big brother Josh aged 25 would wnt to “help” her and have a go too lol)

  5. I’d love this for the little girl I look after – she has some learning and developmental issues but she LOVES singing!! :)

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