As a child, a teenager and a young adult

I lived for theatre

drama 1

I was always in a school play or an amateur theatre show

I was always part of a drama group

And where there was not one

I would start one

drama 2

I wrote and adapted plays

I directed and helped back stage

But most of all I loved performing

drama 3

I loved to sing and act

And in all honesty I still do

I still would

Given half the chance

drama 4

When I was in sixth form

My plan was to become a secondary school teacher

Leading English and Theatre Studies

I also had hopes of starting a Theatre in Education company

And one day to run a youth theatre

I ended up becoming a primary school teacher

But always took the lead in directing the school nativities

And putting on summer productions

I am now at an age

Where some of the children I directed in those performances

Have now themselves gone on to drama school

And have made theatre their life too

This makes me incredibly proud and very emotional

And makes me feel so old!

Now I have children of my own

And I know that the girls especially

Would love to belong to a theatre school


Esther did a few terms with Razz

But I did not feel that the songs and dances they were learning

The shows that they were involved in were appropriate for their young age

I was lucky when I was Esther’s age

I belonged to Gillingham Youth Spotlites

In the very early days of the school

The teacher, Rachel

Remains one of the people

Who have had the biggest impact on my life

She believed in me

She pushed me hard

And she helped me understand that if I wanted to

I could

And because of her I did

My childhood memories are very foggy

But I clearly remember my drama days in Gillingham

The rehearsals, the shows

The workshops

I loved every minute of it

Every single minute

And I would love for my children to have that too

drama 5

I do wonder if that is what the future holds for me

Running a youth theatre group

Putting on age appropriate productions and musicals

I would love it!

Make Believe is a theatre school

Offering mums, parents

The chance to run their own theatre school

Under the Make Believe umbrella

Here is what you need to know

Make Believe are on the hunt across the UK for more business minded mums to take on a franchise

Make Believe is a children’s theatre school

That is more about having fun and bringing out the creative side of your child than anything else

And let’s face it that’s what we all want our kids to have

While they are still growing up and exploring this grown up world

Make Believe caters for 3-18-year olds and has a brilliant reputation

As a theatre school

And with other mums who have taken the plunge and taken on a franchise with them

So why is franchising a good option for mums?

It’s a great option for those wanting that independence and ‘me time’

But still at the same time having that flexibility

To be able to spend time with their kids

Without having to compromise on one or the other

Being with a franchise means you get full support from head office

With anything you do not feel confident with whether it’s marketing, accounting, recruitment or finding a venue

A Make Believe franchise not only gives you a chance to own your own theatre school

But you can also earn a great income out of it with the added bonus of still having that flexibility

That chance to spend time with your kids

You can take the franchise to whatever level you want

From substantial part time earnings to a full-time business

You get to pick your own hours and your own territory which will always be on your door step

And there will never be a full day’s work

So there’s no need to be paying for any childcare fees


It all sounds too good to be true

But I am hoping to see the classes in action after Christmas

As there is a Make Believe near to me

I think Esther, William and Bea would all love theatre classes

And it has always been a dream of mine

To run a youth theatre group

So who knows


Just maybe

This could be a business opportunity for me?

Could it be an opportunity for you?


Find out more about Make Believe through their website, Facebook and Twitter

This is a collaborative post


    • Esther, age 6, was asked to learn lyrics from Grease about virginity and other things well beyond her years. There are so many wonderful family musicals I was not happy that this was the choice fr her age group. I understand that lots of people love RAZZ but was not for us. Also the dancing was quite suggestive and again to songs like, ‘I shake my hair at you’ which I just felt was not right. Also, as the club got more and more popular there were a lot of children in each class and Esther was getting lost because she was quiet. She goes to ballet now and does ballet and acro, and she sings in a choir all much more suited to her age. But I know she would love to do theatre too xx

      • I agree, “Grease” is not suitable for such young children, or indeed those below mid teens. Some of the words are very explicit.

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