Edie’s First Christmas: Stocking Fillers

Our beautiful rainbow baby

Edie Mae

Will be 7.5 months old at Christmas

Just as Tilda was in 2012

Some of Edie’s main presents

Will be ones we bought for Matilda Mae

Handed down through Bea

Here is what I have bought from Babipur

For our baby’s first stocking

Grimms Rainbow Balls

babipur balls

Grimms Rainbow Bowls

babipur bowls

Small Grimms Rainbow

small rainbow

Plan Toys Keys

babipur keys

Plan Toys Phone (handed down from Bea)

babipur phone

Plan Toys Camera (handed down from Bea)

babipur camera

Plan Toys Peekaboo Roller

babipur roller

Plan Toys Pastel Sensory Tumbling

babipur tumbling

These toys have been chosen to last

They are all things that Edie can play with now

But that can also be shared with her older siblings

And handed down to our grandchildren

In years to come

These are hardwearing toys

Easy to clean

And built to be played with

They also look stunning

Displayed around the home

I am so excited about having these toys in our home

I am curious to see how they are going to be played with

How they will integrate with our existing toys

And our other Christmas deliveries

We are having a slow Christmas this year

Focusing on fewer better toys

That facilitate open ended play

While encouraging sensory exploration

And learning through play

I am so looking forward to Edie’s first Christmas

30 sleeps to go!

What will your baby find in their stocking this Christmas?

2017-11-21 15.02.03-1

If you want to see more stocking filler ideas for older children

Check out my guest post for the Babipur Blog

Happy shopping!

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