Kiddiewinkles Personalised Toy Basket Review

Being the fourth child in a busy family is not always easy

You spend a lot of time trying to keep up with your older siblings

One to one time with a parent is rarer than it should be

All space and toys are shared

One of the things we want to do for Bea

Going forward

Is create time and space for her

And choose toys for her

That are just hers

Bea is a very strong willed little girl

And at times her behaviour can be incredibly challenging

But I think that we are at fault

As parents

At the moment we have not got our family dynamic quite right

As Edie becomes less reliant on me for food

I will be able to spend more quality time with Bea

There is so much I want to do for her

Little things that might make a big difference

She is such a big hearted sweet natured little thing

It is time to get our Bea back

Our bringer of hope and joy

One thing that Bea wants is for her bedroom to be made nice

At the moment she sleeps in her cot

With Daddy on a mattress on the floor

We have wanted to make it nice for her for so long

But time and money are always obstacles

These were our original ideas for her toddler bedroom

But now our little hurricane has ideas all of her own

She would like a high up bed

With a den beneath

An art desk with lots of pens, pencils and paint

And space to play with toys of her own

We have started to move some toys from the playroom to her bedroom

And she has a beautiful quilted basket to keep them in

To make sure everyone knows that the toys inside are Bea’s

The beautifully made fabric basket has her name on it

It clearly states

In quality embroidery

For all to see

Bea’s Basket

beas basket

Bea loves her basket

Her personalised Kiddiwinkles toy basket is big enough to hold all her cuddly toys, dolls and play figures

It is just the right size for her to sit in

2017-11-27 17.09.50

Or put her baby sister in!

edie in a basket

At £25 the basket is good value for money

It is a good size

Incredibly well made

Beautifully finished

Made of 100% cotton

It comes in a range of designs

We chose the multi stripe design

Featuring pinks and mint

It is really very pretty

Patterned on the outside

With a plain pink lining

This pretty toy basket will provide the inspiration

For colouring Bea’s new bedroom

And hopefully a way of keeping all her cuddly toys

And dolls

From her new bedroom floor!

Assuming that she does put her toys in it

And not herself!

basket case

If you are looking for a personalised toys basket

If you are looking for a stylish storage solution

Ahead of the Christmas chaos

Have a look at Kiddiewinkles

And the quality products they make

Bea and I have our eyes on this playhouse

bea house

We were sent one toy basket for the purpose of this review

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