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In sponsorship with Baby Dove

Baby’s skin is so delicate

Famed for being soft and smooth

Except sometimes it isn’t

Edie age 6 months and Bea age 3 years

Both suffer with dry spotty skin

They have patches of it on their abdomen

Bea’s can sometimes look quite angry

Edie’s you only notice if you touch her

Because my babies have this patchy rough and dry skin

I am very wary of what I put on it

I cannot afford pots of expensive lotions and potions

So am always looking for affordable brands I can trust

Recently we have been testing Baby Dove

dove wash

My first memories of Dove

Are of my Nan using the soap

I think I bought her a Dove gift set for Christmas more than once

Then I remember their body confidence campaign

And I am a regular user of their deodorant

We were actually already using Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream

Before our involvement with this campaign

And we still are

It is a rich, creamy, moisturising barrier cream

It is easy to apply

And it protects Edie’s skin

And stops her from getting sore patches in creases of skin

edie eyes

If you’re using a nappy cream every day

It needs to be gentle on that little bottom

Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrically approved

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream is exactly that

We have also been testing Baby Dove Moisture Rich Wipes

Alongside the Rich Moisture Head to Toe Wash

The Rich Moisture Wipes are perfect for nappy changes

And cleaning bottoms

They are not so good for hands and faces

In my opinion

Because of the fragrance

baby dove wipes

Baby Dove also have Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Wipes

Which would be my first choice

As a multi purpose changing bag staple

We use wipes for everything at home and out and about

So these sensitive wipes

That are gentle on baby’s skin are perfect

dove wipes

All these Dove Baby Wipes are gentle enough for newborn skin

And a teething baby’s mouth!

The Dove Baby Top to Toe Body Wash

I have been using on all the family

The gentle and proven tear-free formula is perfect

For sibling bath times

Our three year old Bea is not a fan of washing her face

But these gentle bubbles she does not seem to mind

Dove Baby Head to Toe Body Wash helps retain your baby’s natural skin moisture

dove baby edie

The wash is gentle as water, hypoallergenic, pH-neutral and tear-free

The formula is The formula is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and paediatricially approved

The fragrance developed especially for baby’s delicate skin and is suitable for newborns

As with the wipes I was not overly keen on the fragrance

And would purchase the sensitive moisture fragrance free range in the future

As well as being fragrance-free

This baby body wash for sensitive skin is as gentle as water

It has a pH-neutral and hypoallergenic formula that is is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested; and paediatricially approved

The creamy lather with Dove’s unique ¼ moisturising cream

Helps to restore essential moisture that the skin can lose during bathtime

Since starting to use Baby Dove with Edie and Bea

Both their skins seem less rough and dry

Edie definitely has less red and sore patches in her creases

cutie edie

I think that we will continue to use Baby Dove products

To care for our babies’ skin

It is gentle


Paediatricially approved

Widely available

And affordable

We are in love with Baby Dove

baby dove

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