#matildamaegiveaway: My Sister Mabel

One of the things I love about blogging

Is working with independent brands

Clever creative people

People who solve problems

Make dreams come true

Brighten people’s days

And simply make me smile

My Sister Mabel

Is a brand I have decided to champion

I have bought Bea and Esther a few dresses now

Knowing that they are excellent quality

Fun to wear

And are an investment as they can be handed down to Edie

Our very own (Edith) Mabel

I say investment

But actually the dresses

Are very reasonably priced

For what they are

I am going to show you some of my favourite pieces

And then ask you to pop over to Instagram

Show My Sister Mabel some love

And enter the #matildamaegiveaway

For your chance to win a product of your choice

From this fab British brand

msm circus

I have bought this dress for Bea for the summer

And to wear to her cousin’s birthday party

I love the style and the print

msm royal wedding dresses

I have bought these for Edie, Bea and Esther

To wear on the day of the royal wedding

Am going to get one for their cousin too

Who is coming to our house that day

To join in the patriotic fun!

msm cherry star

I think this is a stunning dress

With just a sprinkle of stars!

msm super dog

Year of the dog!

msm orla kiely bag

This beautiful bag I would LOVE for myself

But so much easier to buy for the children!

Here is Bea in her favourite

My Sister Mabel dress

She wears it very well!

msm bea

msm strawberries 1

msm strawberries

If like me you love the fun fashion of

My Sister Mabel

Do come over to my Instagram feed

For a chance to win a product of your choice

What would you choose?

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