#matildamaegiveaway: Princess and The Frock

Once upon a time there was a baby

A baby with the deepest darkest chocolate eyes

And a smile that lit up a room

A baby with a cheeky personality

Who was loved beyond all measure

A little girl too special for this earth

Who in life and death has touched so many lives



Her story is like a fairy tale

Without a happy ending

The tragic tale of an angel

A perfect princess

A baby never meant to stay

Her mummy when she is strong enough

Tells all who will listen

That her baby girl

Was born to be an angel

That God made this so

The mummy tells how she was chosen

To help her baby earn her wings

Now all that mummy has is a memory

And her baby’s beautiful name

She has vowed to live her life

And make her daughter proud

She has promised to say her name every day

Promised to love her baby for always

And make her part of the every day

sids and tilda

It has been five years since that baby died

Since she was given back to God

The mummy tries hard to keep her promises

And has had some wonderful help along the way

One of these magical helpers

Is a beautiful lady called Claire

The incredibly talented dress designer and maker

From Princess and the Frock

Claire contacted the mummy very soon after the baby’s death

To offer condolences and to find a way to help

She came up with the wonderful idea of designing a dress using fabric that shared the baby’s name

She designed and made the dress and released it for sale through her website

Donating a percentage of profits to charity

All in the baby’s name

Such a kind and thoughtful thing to do

Such a generous beautiful thing to do

A wonderful way to honour and remember that precious baby girl

And another girl

The most beautiful fairy princess

Was so very lucky to be able to wear the very first ever Matilda Mae dress

princess carriage

Since this first Matilda dress

There have been more

Beautiful handmade dresses

Bought and sold in Tilda’s name

And some bought just because they are so so so so pretty



1 bea



matilda mae dresses

baby tilda bench



Over the last five years

I have dressed my girls in Claire’s dresses

For so many reasons and occasions

When my girls want to look and feel like princesses

The dresses are so beautifully designed

And so brilliantly finished

2018-02-12 20.18.40

Claire has magical vision

She has created some incredible bespoke dresses for us

That have been worn for parties and play dates

They will all be worn and handed down

For years and years to come

2018-02-12 20.22.03

Part by plan

And part by accident

Princess and the Frock now sells dresses

Named for all my daughters

Matilda Mae

garden princess


pf beatrice

Edith Mae

pf edie mae


pf mabel

Esther Hope

pf esther hope

The Esther Hope dress

Was designed for Matilda Mae

Made in a vibrant red corduroy fabric

Finished with a rainbow waistband

The Esther Hope dress is made in memory of a very special little girl

The Princess and the Frock is supporting The Lullaby Trust

By donating £4 to The Lullaby Trust for every Esther Hope dress sold

It really is a stunning dress

And the money raised through sales

Will help to support bereaved families

And raise awareness of safer sleep

2018-02-12 20.18.02

2018-02-12 20.17.26

If you would like an Esther Hope dress

For a little girl in your life

Please do pop over to my Instagram feed

For the #matildamaegiveaway

And your chance to win one

Good luck!

pf esther

And thank you

Princess and the Frock

For remembering and honouring our baby girl

It means the world to me x

prezzo in my belly

matilda mae

matilda mae

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