Baby Play: Muffin Tray

From around the age of 7 months

Edie has enjoyed playing with a muffin tray

I often set out an invitation to play

Filling the muffin tray with

Interesting and safe objects for Edie to explore


2018-01-13 07.33.03

2018-01-13 07.40.35


2018-01-23 14.14.49

Wooden cups

2018-01-13 07.30.09

Wooden shapes

2018-02-05 15.10.11

Whatever I have placed in the muffin tray

Edie has been keen to investigate and explore

2018-01-13 07.32.54-1

Muffin tray play has endless potential

So many ways to play

It offers an alternative to a grasping basket

Or treasure basket

It sets out old toys and familiar objects

In a new way

2018-02-06 14.14.17

It encourages baby to grab and grasp the contents of the tray

2018-01-13 07.41.04

To move objects

To transfer from one place to another

2018-01-13 07.32.03

To touch and feel

To put in and take out

2018-01-23 13.47.56

So many ways to play!

Muffin trays can be used for grouping and sorting

You can fill the sections with objects all of one colour

That are all the same shape

Or all have the same initial sound

This play can be extended from baby to preschooler

And beyond

All my children get involved with muffin tray play

2018-01-23 13.20.49-2

With older children you can play memory games

Odd one out games

And guess the connection games

So very many ways to play and learn

Some fab muffin tin ideas for older kids here

2018-01-23 13.21.30-2

Babies love putting things in

And taking objects out

They like to see what does and does not fit in a given space

2018-01-13 07.32.05-1

With a metal muffin tray

The objects make very satisfying sounds

Adding another sensory element to the play

Wooden balls make the best sound we have found

2018-01-13 07.33.15

Edie loved exploring her favourite toys

With the muffin tray

Her beautiful balls

2018-01-23 13.20.40

Her Plan Toys Pastel Sensory Blocks

2018-01-23 14.13.22

And also

She has really enjoyed investigating the tray

2018-01-25 13.54.15-1

2018-01-25 13.54.21

2018-01-25 13.54.29

2018-01-25 13.54.32

Sometimes the simple things

Really are the best

Happy playing!

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