Muddy Puddles Messy Play

With rainy days forecast over half term

I thought I would share one of our favourite

Edible messy play ideas

This can be linked with a farm topic

Or with everyone’s favourite pig, Peppa

This is our muddy puddles messy play

muddy puddles messy play

It is basically a shallow tray

Filled with chocolate flavoured Angel Delight

Some Sainsburys Choco Hoops

And a dusting of cocoa powder

choco mud play

This makes a super sensory squelchy mess

Perfect for pigs

For rolling in

Splashing in

Jumping in

Hiding in

mud play

Lovely for pouring


And sneakily eating

edible mud

This is such a simple sensory set up

That leads to lots of fun

Can lead to storytelling and dramatic play

Imaginative play

sisters at play

Esther, age 7

Played with this the most in our house

mud set up

Acting out muddy puddle stories

Inspired by Peppa Pig

pigs in mud

Bea played nicely with the edible mud too

But it was Esther that really loved the sensory element

And the small world play

esther smile

She gave her characters voices and stories

She put on little shows with dialogue and sound effects

peppa pig pool

It is always such a joy to watch Esther play

She totally immerses herself in her creative games

muddy puddle splash

I think that we will try this again next week

With farm pigs

Rather than Peppa and friends

We have recently read and watched Charlotte’s Web

So would be great to have Wilbur playing in the mud

Before being brushed and scrubbed to be on show at the fayre

mud play pigs

Esther really enjoyed adding water to her play

She had a bowl of water and an old muslin to wash her muddy characters

The bowl was also used as a swimming pool

Before much of the water was added to the chocolate

To make a mud bath and a swamp

water and mud mix

It was lovely to listen to the two girls playing together

Making up stores

And also describing the feel of the whip and the powder

And the cereal too

play with edible mud

It was funny watching them make the inevitable taste test

Of this edible sensory play

It may look disgusting

But it smelled SO good!

playtime edible mud

Mud mud glorious mud

So very many ways to play

How would you use yours?

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