Packing for Bluestone

On Monday we are off to Wales

For a mini break at Bluestone Wales

We are looking forward to a week of wild adventures

Sunshine, swimming, sandy beaches and lots and lots of play

We are taking all manner of equipment with us for our stay

And today is the day to get ready

This is my list of all we will need

For our four day midweek stay

2018-06-28 19.42.29


3 pairs pyjamas each

4 day outfits each

2 jumpers each

1 waterproof / coat each

Underwear for every day plus Bea spares

Sun hats

2018-06-28 19.41.15



Arm bands

Pool swimsuits

Beach swimming / sun safe suits

Swim nappies


2018-06-28 19.42.16


Body boards

Sand and water toys

Picnic blanket

Cool bag

2018-06-28 19.43.00

Health and Safety

First aid kit

Sun cream


Hayfever stuff



Washing stuff

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair brush


Baby Wipes

Antibacterial wipes

Antibacterial hand gel

2018-06-28 19.42.45



Small toys

Sing and Sign / Mr Tumble DVD

Audio books for the car

Laptops and chargers

Phones and chargers


On top of all the above

We will also take a mountain of food

In particular snacks

Adventures make us hungry!

I am so looking forward to exploring Bluestone

We plan to swim as early as we can every morning

Then head off site to explore

Returning mid afternoon to enjoy what Bluestone has to offer

We want to try out all the play areas

The nature trail

Spend some time at Camp Smokey

But we really want to get out to Tenby

Get a boat to Caldey Island

And escape to Freshwater West Beach

In the hope of finding Dobby!

With four children

All their belongings

And a list of places to explore

We have to be very careful not to lose things along the way

One simple solution is to label EVERYTHING

Especially shoes that might be removed for softplay


William is forever losing his glasses


Water bottles

We also use water resistant kids labels

On our armbands and goggles

If going to a busy pool

I love a label

And my motto is

Label it don’t lose it

Especially when far away from home

What do you label when home and away?

If you are in need of labels

Why not check out Sticker You

For custom stickers, labels and more

I am off to make a start on my packing!

This is a collaborative post

3 thoughts on “Packing for Bluestone

  1. Ahh you’re going to Bluestone that’s fab! You’re all going to have the best time. I look forward to reading about it. These stickers and labels sound great, I need to get a load for my two before September, I’ll check them out.

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