10 Posts for National Breastfeeding Week

This week in the UK it is National Breastfeeding Week 2018

I am a proud breastfeeding mummy

I am currently nursing my fifth baby

Edie Mae is almost 15 months old

My breastfeeding journey began in 2010

When my IVF twins were born at 27 weeks

It was not the beginning to parenting

I had imagined

It was some of the toughest days and weeks of my life

But it was also a very special experience

And we were lucky

We made it out of the NICU doors and home

I fed Esther and William from their birth

Albeit via a tube

Until they were 15 months old

I fed Matilda Mae for 9 months

The whole 9 months of her life

I nursed Bea for 2 and a half years

And I am now 15 months into feeding Edie Mae

Below are 10 posts I have written about breastfeeding

Over the last eight years

That go some way to sharing

What has been the most incredible journey

I am going to be very sad

When this rollercoaster ride ends

My Breastfeeding Essentials with Baby Number Five

breastfeeding week 2017

Breastfeeding Premature Twins

Milk Drawer

Milk Drawer

Breastfeeding and Me


My Top 10 Breastfeeding Best Bits

breast bits title

Breastfeeding Through a Sickness Bug


Matilda’s Milk

Cheeky Little Milk Monster

Cheeky Little Milk Monster

Tips For Trying To Conceive While Breastfeeding

milk drunk

Summer Feeding: Nursing Through a Heatwave

sumfeed title

Best Bits For Breastfeeding

Dream Feed

Ending Feeding: Breastfeeding Aversion


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